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Havana Daydreamin’

Where to next? Not Havana.  Not yet.  But maybe soon. 36 years ago this month, I covered the Trinity College basketball team as the first American sports team to play in Cuba since the revolution in 1959. Here are some … Continue reading

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Three Boys in Paris

It’s been far too long…ten years…since we last visited Paris. Even in the face of last night’s carnage, I think of Paris as a life-affirming place.  Just “being there” is exhilarating. On our visits, my wife and I will typically … Continue reading

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This morning on my NBC Connecticut Facebook page, I posted cute video from Lima, Peru.  A bulldog skateboarded his way into the Guinness Book of Records. The video made me smile for what it was, but also because of where … Continue reading

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My Time with Dave

David Letterman’s long and successful late night run ends tonight. There were Letterman people and there were Leno people.  I’m a Letterman guy.  Jay is a standup comedy hall of famer, but I’ve always been more comfortable with Dave’s sensibilities. … Continue reading

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Long John Gone

We knew him only as Long John. For years, he would be stationed by a boulder on Orient Beach in St. Martin, book in hand, available for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Women looked at him in awe, and maybe a little … Continue reading

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Into Each Life…

A little freezing rain must fall.  Actually, a lot.  In Dallas.  Where they have neither the equipment nor the manpower to deal with it. So from Thursday night the 5th through Monday morning the 12th, our view was 50 shades … Continue reading

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An Awesome Adventure

With extreme emphasis on “awe.” Here is a final collection of pictures from our trip to South Africa.  This was one trip I wished I had a better camera for, but my 3-year-old Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 point-and-shoot continues to serve … Continue reading

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