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My Time with Dave

David Letterman’s long and successful late night run ends tonight. There were Letterman people and there were Leno people.  I’m a Letterman guy.  Jay is a standup comedy hall of famer, but I’ve always been more comfortable with Dave’s sensibilities. … Continue reading

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BriWi on Letterman

Just another reason Nightly is number one. Never mind.  CBS apparently took it down.  Dammit.

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A Big Time Anchor Steps Down

Katie Couric’s last broadcast on the CBS Evening News was Thursday.   This post is not about her.  She departed after just five years, and will always be better known for her work on the Today show. No, this post is about Mary … Continue reading

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On the Couch With Oprah

Almost fell off my chair when this one came on during the Super Bowl.   Bill Carter of the New York Times literally wrote the book on the late night war between Leno and Letterman.  Here’s his account of  how they pulled … Continue reading

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A PhD @ QU via TMZ?

Someone from Quinnipiac University says the school  will be “more attentive” when it sends interns to work at David Letterman’s show in the future.  This from tmz.com, no less. Something tells me this won’t be a problem for a couple of reasons.  Letterman … Continue reading

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The Pistachio People

David Letterman’s blackmail scandal is good for business.   His, and pistachio nut farmers.  Seems the pistachio nut industry started its first-ever television advertising campaign Monday, and bought time on Letterman and Monday Night Football. So what did the pistachio people get for … Continue reading

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Letterman Vs. Palin

So Sarah Palin has accepted David Letterman’s apology, and if there is a god in heaven, it’s over. What amazes me is all the time and energy spent debating, dissing, slicing, dicing and vetting an admittedly bad joke and a … Continue reading

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