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My Time with Dave

David Letterman’s long and successful late night run ends tonight. There were Letterman people and there were Leno people.  I’m a Letterman guy.  Jay is a standup comedy hall of famer, but I’ve always been more comfortable with Dave’s sensibilities. … Continue reading

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The Today show turns 60 today.  So will I, later this year. The Today show stays young because of its revolving cast of hosts, co-hosts, and sidekicks. I stay young because I’m married to a woman who thinks young, a … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Auschlander

Imagine having a career that touches parts of nine decades.  A career that made you a contemporary and a partner of the likes of Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock.  Meet Norman Lloyd. We were watching an episode of Modern Family over … Continue reading

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Talking Dirty

While the nation cries for a more civil discourse, ABC may pick up a sitcom titled Don’t Trust the Bitch.  Don’t Trust the Bitch.  (It just begged to be bold and italicized.) If ABC picks up this show, maybe they … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Mammaries

I don’t want to.  Really.  But I must. I just looked up at CBS and saw Charlie Sheen in the sack with 2 hot babes with humongous breasts on “Two and a Half Men.” An hour ago, the proud Peacock featured … Continue reading

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It Was a Different Time

Just before The Beatles came along, and all hell broke loose with Vietnam, America tuned in to NBC and sang along with Mitch. Mitch Miller died over the weekend at 99.  We may recall his music as safe and innocuous.  … Continue reading

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Dollar Seins

For the stat freaks among us, try this on for size:  “Seinfeld” has reportedly made $2.7 billion dollars since it left NBC’s air 12 years ago. According to this article, each of the 174 episodes has taken in more than $14 … Continue reading

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