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Havana Daydreamin’

Where to next? Not Havana.  Not yet.  But maybe soon. 36 years ago this month, I covered the Trinity College basketball team as the first American sports team to play in Cuba since the revolution in 1959. Here are some … Continue reading

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Three Boys in Paris

It’s been far too long…ten years…since we last visited Paris. Even in the face of last night’s carnage, I think of Paris as a life-affirming place.  Just “being there” is exhilarating. On our visits, my wife and I will typically … Continue reading

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This morning on my NBC Connecticut Facebook page, I posted cute video from Lima, Peru.  A bulldog skateboarded his way into the Guinness Book of Records. The video made me smile for what it was, but also because of where … Continue reading

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Life or Death?

BOSTON (AP) — A jury sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death Friday for the Boston Marathon bombing, sweeping aside pleas that he was just a “kid” who fell under the influence of his fanatical older brother. The death penalty.  You’re for … Continue reading

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Good Writing

It’s not that hard.  It’s not hard at all, actually.  Keep it simple. There are two good examples in today’s Hartford Courant.  The first is a brief story about the crash of a light plane in a corn field in … Continue reading

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What Do You See?

These pictures have been making the rounds since the election of Pope Francis. Most everyone oohs and ahhs over all the smartphones and tablets everyone was holding to record the historic event in 2013, compared with the nearly digital-free scene … Continue reading

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My Cowboy

“I’d like a coffee light, please.  It’s for Rex Trailer!!!” It was probably 1958, maybe ’59.  Years before I realized that “TV PEOPLE!!!” were just people.  On TV. I was getting a haircut at the barber shop in Pinefield Shopping Center … Continue reading

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