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Long John Gone

We knew him only as Long John. For years, he would be stationed by a boulder on Orient Beach in St. Martin, book in hand, available for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Women looked at him in awe, and maybe a little … Continue reading

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Good Writing

It’s not that hard.  It’s not hard at all, actually.  Keep it simple. There are two good examples in today’s Hartford Courant.  The first is a brief story about the crash of a light plane in a corn field in … Continue reading

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There is No Escape

We are enjoying a long-awaited return to Italy. So naturally, the first thing I saw outside our hotel in Rome was a television reporter and his crew taping a stand-up. He’s the Italian Jeff Saperstone, because it turned out the … Continue reading

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A Gay Old Time

One of our favorite pubs in England is called “The Yew Tree.” But this was the first time I’d ever seen a “U tree.”  It stands in all its quirky glory at the Bay Club golf course in Mattapoisett, MA. … Continue reading

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Reading Material

Over the course of a week, I read quite a bit.  The daily newspaper, of course (yes, the old fashioned hard copy), a magazine or two, a book (right now, it’s Robert Caro’s The Passage of Power), and like everyone … Continue reading

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The Joy of Travel

A brochure from a cruise line came in the mail today.  It had an eye-grabbing picture on the cover, which I admired for a moment before I realized that I had taken the exact same picture. In 2005. On the … Continue reading

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It’s Tom Brady’s World

The rest of us just live in it. Really, is there another NFL quarterback who could show up for an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a ‘do like this? And then there’s her… Cute couple.

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