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My Time with Dave

David Letterman’s long and successful late night run ends tonight. There were Letterman people and there were Leno people.  I’m a Letterman guy.  Jay is a standup comedy hall of famer, but I’ve always been more comfortable with Dave’s sensibilities. … Continue reading

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A Moment in Paris

Leaving work one night this week, I heard Jay Leno joke about a study that says men spend more on gifts for their mistresses than their wives.  (As it turns out, a study of dubious academic pedigree was released a … Continue reading

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On the Couch With Oprah

Almost fell off my chair when this one came on during the Super Bowl.   Bill Carter of the New York Times literally wrote the book on the late night war between Leno and Letterman.  Here’s his account of  how they pulled … Continue reading

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My Day With Jay

Spent a half-hour bonding with Jay Leno in Boston this morning.  We’re now thisclose. Leno is promoting his new 10pm show on NBC, which premieres September 14th.  He’s taping promos and interviews with some of the 11pm news anchor teams his … Continue reading

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The Hardest Working Man In Show Biz, Part Deux

Jay Leno is the closest thing we have to a human public utility.  We always expect him to be there when we flip the switch, we always expect a consistent product, and we always take him for granted.  Until last … Continue reading

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Conversation on the cruise last week between our friend Ron, who’s into showbiz/celebrity stuff, and me.  “I just read that Jay Leno’s going to do a 10 o’clock show on NBC.” “Really?  Which night?” “Every night.” “Holy !%#$!!” How ironic … Continue reading

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