And Then There’s Doral Chenoweth III…

It appears homeless man Ted Williams has morphed into the new King of all Media.

On the Mother Ship alone, he began his Thursday with multiple appearances on Today, and when I looked up at the monitor last night, there he was, chatting away with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

I wish Ted well.  I hope his 15 minutes are up soon, so he can begin a phase of his life that will be happy, healthy, and productive.


But before I let this story go, let’s call Doral Chenoweth III up to take a bow.  He’s the photojournalist who planted Ted in the nation’s consciousness, and he is apparently a pretty fabulous guy himself.

This is an excerpt from a story on him on

 It’s “standard operating procedure” for him, he said, to stop and talk to people who are homeless, whether he’s carrying a camera or not.

“It’s part of my faith,” he said after some prodding about his motivations. “You may not be able to help someone with money, but you can at least say hello, how you doing, and look at them.”

Read on.

Without Doral Chenoweth III (one of the best names I’ve heard since Chatsworth T. Osborne, Jr.) we would never have known Ted Williams. 

An excellent reminder that the people behind the camera are every bit as important as the people in front of it. 


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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14 Responses to And Then There’s Doral Chenoweth III…

  1. Lou Lange says:

    I agree with you, Gerry. I do hope Doral gets some recognition for putting ted Williams “on the map”.

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for telling us a little bit about the man behind the camera. He certainly deserves some recognition – not only for this story, but for the way he conducts his life. I hope there is some kind of photojournalist award out there for him. I kind of wish we saw a little bit more of him in the news and a little less of Ted. I’m so afraid all the attention Ted’s getting is going to be detrimental to him.

  3. J A Scott says:

    Love the Chatsworth T. Osborn Jr. reference!

    Last night Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed Ted Williams on his MSNBC program,, as Ted is also doing voiceover work for their “Lean Forward” promotion. Then he had Doral come out, although I don’t recall Doral being introduced by name – I would hope I would have noticed if he HAD been! But then again, it was almost 11 p.m.

    I think Linda has a point about all the attention Ted is getting, although from what I’ve seen, Ted is a really humble, decent guy. And I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason he is getting so much attention is that there is so little really good news these days….

  4. Kathryn D. says:

    Ted was on Jimmy Fallon last night (this morning?). He was standing with the Roots and did all of the announcing. His smile and voice are a light for the world. I think a new star is born.

  5. Redge says:

    Gerry, I too was wondering about the person who “discovered” Ted. Doral did what most people would never think of doing and it’s good to see that he too has his heart in the right place. In some respects I would say that Doral is a much a part of the story if not more so.

    Homelessness will persist whether or not Ted makes it. I think we need to focus as much attention on people like Doral who are actually using what resources they have to make a difference. It is certainly better than giving our homeless the cold shoulder.

    There has been much concern for the overwhelming attention Ted has received and I truly hope this isn’t a greater rise to yet another fall. I know that many share this same sentiment.

    The honeymoon with the media will be over soon enough. I hope that Ted remembers Doral when they make the movie in a few years time. (Pursuit of Hapiness 2?)

    • Gerry says:

      Great comment, Redge. Yeah, red flags are going up about how Ted handles all this. I hope someone is giving him good advice.
      And Doral makes for a fabulous “story behind the story.”

  6. JH says:

    Thank you my friend…much appreciated.

  7. Gene Sheehan says:

    Gerry, As I journalist who has earned my respect on innumerable occasions, I know how important accuracy is to you. It’s in that spirit that I humbly submit the remembrance that it was Chatsworth Osbourne Jr. “the third.” I remember it because it just made his title that much more pretentious — but it’s so long ago, Dobie Gillis and his entourage are starting to merge into my baby boomer haze. Geno

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