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5 Weeks at Home

Over.  It’s back to reality today, January 5th, 2015.  Back to work. It is exactly 48 years since my first close encounter with cancer.  My grandfather died from esophageal cancer on January 5, 1967. There would be too many more. … Continue reading

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The Cherry on Top

Our “Summer of 60” tour made its final stop in Scottsdale, Arizona.  That’s where our friends will retire to shortly. After playing the gorgeous courses of the Monterey peninsula, I had no idea of the visual treats my friend’s home … Continue reading

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All Golfed Out

But what a way to go.  Poppy Hills, Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay. Before my friend and I hooked up, I had planned to play Pacific Grove Golf Links, aka “The Poor Man’s Pebble.”  It’s a deal and … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Visiting San Francisco never gets old.  For all the times we’ve been here, we’re always discovering something new or rediscovering something old. This was a particularly leisurely visit.  We had no agenda, which meant we wandered, we shopped, we ate…and … Continue reading

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Kids These Days

“Whaddaya mean you’re in no rush to get your drivers license?” “I’ll get around to it.” I remember I lived and breathed to get my hands on the keys to my mother’s ’68 Dodge Coronet 440.  (Dad’s Buick was verboten.) … Continue reading

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Gotta Laugh

Interesting article in Monday’s New York Times about Comedy Central and its audience. Young men are the cable network’s most important viewers.  The story says young men view comedy as “essential” to their lives, which, I suppose, is a good … Continue reading

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Sign of the Apocalypse (Non-Storm)

I usually check to see what music Amazon has posted for its daily deal. Today it’s “The Greatest Video Game Music,” performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Really. Sometimes I need to be reminded that there are mediums with which … Continue reading

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