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Couldn’t help but notice that Tom Brokaw has been booked at the Warner Theatre (they spell it r-e instead of e-r) in Torrington. “An Evening with Tom Brokaw” is scheduled April 15th, between “Nunsensations” and “Golden Dragon Acrobats.” I envision … Continue reading

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Driving on 84-west, heading to work, and I saw a billboard for Jefferson Radiology. And all I could think was…Huh? A billboard? I’ve seen plenty of billboards for hospitals, especially St. Francis and Hartford. (And I won’t be happy until … Continue reading

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It was with no small amount of grief and pain that Norwalk police had to say the death of Officer Matthew Morelli was, in all probability, self-inflicted. Police Chief Harry Rilling did, however, stop short of calling Morelli’s death early … Continue reading

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Hope to see this scene repeated Manny times over the next 161 games. A happy Manny after doubling in the winning runs in the 10th inning. Sox win, 6-5, in Tokyo. Of course, some things never change. Manny spent so … Continue reading

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I’m sidelined today after a vicious attack by the Easter Bunny. Let’s take the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach on this one. Anyway here I sit, perusing a couple of golf magazines, and looking forward to getting the season started. … Continue reading

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“My opening statement is rather simple: You simply saw it, San Diego outplayed us. Our kids did fight back, but we gave up 48 percent. We’ve given up 38 for the year, and quite frankly for the second consecutive game … Continue reading

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So I read today that NBC30 is for sale! (Just kidding. I knew.) A blog reader posted a comment yesterday: “I read that NBCU is putting NBC30 up for sale. What does this mean to the station and the viewers?” … Continue reading

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