Thanks, Rick

One of Connecticut’s finest journalists is retiring today.  His name is Rick Huntington, and unless you know him personally, you don’t know him at all.

Rick is a news photographer.  Or a videographer.  Or a photojournalist.  Pick a title, any title.  Trust me, he doesn’t care.  He has also been one of my very best friends since we teamed up at WFSB in the summer of ’79.

1983 New England Emmy Awards

1983 New England Emmy Awards

We won Emmys together, we laughed like hyenas together, we shared life’s sorrows together, we committed atrocities together, we were politically incorrect together, we partied together, and we did great work together.

We mastered the art of working quickly and efficiently, then enjoying long lunches at a good restaurant that he “just happened” to know about.

He never missed a detail through the lens of his camera.  At the scene of a news story, I would sometimes be foolish enough to ask, “Did you shoot that?”  The reply would be a withering look and a simple, “Just shut up.”

At one of many GHOs.

At one of many GHOs.

But just as importantly, he never missed a detail over the course of an interview.  He paid attention.  And whenever an interview was over, I would turn around and ask, “Rick, you have any questions?”  Invariably, he would ask a brilliant question I would never think of, or a basic question I forgot to ask.

We parted ways professionally 20 years ago, when I joined NBC Connecticut.  In the years since, his 3 sons have grown into fine young men, his always-understanding wife Wendy retired after a long career in the Farmington school system, and we have remained good friends.

We can go weeks, even months, without talking.  We don’t have to.  And when we do, it’s as if we’d seen each other yesterday.  And now, he’s ready for the next phase.

How ready?  This is how he showed up for work today.  Yeah, he’s ready.

Courtesy Eric Parker

Courtesy Eric Parker

Thanks, Rick.   Pour me a Jack.  I’ll be right over.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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17 Responses to Thanks, Rick

  1. Congrats to Rick. And a big “Amen” to your tribute to him.

  2. I remember Rick from WFSB- along with the also inimitable Mike Fisher. Funny thing- I could have sworn I saw Rick yesterday at a location in southern CT holding a video camera. Happy trails, Rick!

  3. Gene says:

    Hey Ger…
    Thanks for the Brooks File. Always uplifting. That plus, it’s nice for all of us that don’t do facebook.


    • Gerry says:

      My pleasure, Gene. Thanks for reading.

      • Ed from CT says:

        As good as Rick was, Gerry, you were always the best I ever saw at handling live, breaking news when there was no script to follow. If something was breaking I would seek you out to watch how you covered it- simply because you were the best.
        And, speaking of the best, congrats on your Red Sox. They were the best this season. And Ortiz was amazing in the WS (imagine how the Twins must feel for letting him go).
        Of course, I really wish the Sox had kept Bobby V. for this season. Oh, well. 🙂

      • Gerry says:

        Thanks, Ed. And keep Bobby V. down your way, won’t you? 😉

  4. Steven Kalb says:

    I’ve run into Rick any number of times over the last 20+ years. Always a pro–and always a nice guy. Yeah…he’s ready and he has earned it.

  5. Jim Hart says:

    Tell my friend Rick ” Welcome to the Club” A great photojournalist, and a better person. The industry loses another leader and mentor.

  6. Laurie Sklar says:

    My BIL is a great guy and I wish him a super new adventure in his life…not quite sure about the beard…but that’s Wendy’s deal. Go Rick!

  7. Chris Dancy says:

    Congrats, Rick! Yet another member of the ‘FSB team that helped take this kid fresh out of J-school and turn him into a journalist.

  8. Linda says:

    Sounds like a wonderful friendship. When you retire, are you going to grow your mustache back?!

  9. Roger Coombes says:


    Great piece on Rick – good stuff.

    Rick is also a heck of a good basketball player. Been balling with him about 10 years and he is a fierce competitor with a killer 3 point shot. He’s got a hard head as well …. My face found that out on Monday!

    Best wishes to a good man!!
    Roger Coombes

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