Kept in Stitches

What’s the story behind your scar?  That’s the bright and unusual idea for Colin McEnroe’s Connecticut Public Radio show on Wednesday.

Getting stitches was a rite of passage in the Brooks family.  My oldest scar, I am told, dates back to the toddler days.  I toddled to a coffee table and slammed my head into its sharp corner.  Stitches.  Scar embedded in right eyebrow.  (I have that table, by the way.  It’s consigned to my basement forever.)

The first stitches I remember came as a result of a rock fight at the site of new home construction.  Two (idiots) against two (morons)…shielded by huge mounds of dirt.  I jumped up to wing a rock, not knowing my teammate Walter Bater (who, yes, had the unfortunate nickname Master) was right behind me, ready to uncork.  And he did.  Directly into the back of my head.  Knocked the sense out of me, apparently forever.  This was not easy to explain to my parents.  Or the E.R. doctors.  Stitches.  Scar, hidden by hair which is rapidly disappearing.

A couple of years later, at breakfast, I dropped a gallon glass bottle of orange juice.  I tried to catch it before it hit the floor.  I missed, then saw red in the orange.  It was a gusher.  Left middle finger sliced open at the base.  As my mother rushed to dress to get me to the hospital, I saw the gash, and had this conversation with my father.

“I’m gonna puke.”

“If you puke, I’ll kill you.”

I didn’t puke, he let me live, and I can still hear him saying those words like it was yesterday.  Stitches.  Impressive scar.

I defiled my left hand again a few years later when I was stocking pipe in a plumbing supply company.  Shoved a piece of one-inch pipe deep into the meat of my greasy hand.  It was, in a word, gross.  My boss and I had a deep mutual dislike, and he took no small amount of glee in my predicament.  I knew he had just one lung, and offered to deflate it for him.   Lots of stitches.  Pipe-sized scar.

There was also the time I stepped on a rusty nail.  Twice.  With both feet.  I remember the look my parents gave each other. (He’s ours?)  No scar, though, so that’s a story for another day.

By the way, Colin’s fine show airs weekdays at 1pm on WNPR.   And in case you’re wondering, this was an unsolicited endorsement.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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13 Responses to Kept in Stitches

  1. Cathy Hattin says:

    Thats funny..not you getting hurt or stitches, but the way you tell your stories..always makes me chuckle and have a smile on my face.Also makes me think back to my childhood,and wonder..”how am I still here’?? lol

  2. Cat says:

    Well, you know of my latest with slices and dices (3 hernias), only I was lucky, my doctor used “super glue”. I did crack my head open a few years back, (running in flip-flops is not my forte), ran right into the door jam. When I came to, (yep, passed right out, I hit it so hard) there I was in blood,,,all over the floor. Well I got up went to the bathroom mirror and knew it wasn’t good. However I was amazed at just how straight the line was , running from the hairline to the middle of my head. So, after I played open the gash, close the gash , for about a minute, I decided it wasn’t going to close on its own. So I phoned mom and dad, asked if they had eaten dinner, they said yes and I then asked in a matter of fact , very calm way, if they would care to take me to the ER. Dad waited, in the waiting room, come to think of it, he never really looked at me the whole time, too much blood I guess. Mom was her usual self, getting right in there , asking her 50 questions. I came out with staples that day, all 26 of them.. Thanks for the laugh Gerry, when you told your dad you were going to puke,,,I heard that many times myself.. I feel left out, never went the stitch route, but hey, there’s always time…….

  3. I got my first scar the exact same way…hit my head on a coffee table as a toddler, stitches in my right eyebrow.

  4. Steve L says:

    90 mile per hour hockey pucks kept my seamstress busy.

  5. hendu says:

    My favorite is the one between my middle and ring finger on my right hand. Gerry, have you ever asked yourself if a baseball can fit between the fingers of a turn yr old? Well I can tell you the answer is yes. Playing ss I fielded a grounder the ball hit a rock and imbedded itself in between my two fingers. On the plus side at least I had two hands down to field the ball. Bad news is the rest of my season was done.

  6. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Stitches? Wait till you retire, move to Florida, play golf, and put your dermatologist on speed-dial.

  7. 9Patroclus says:

    I just googled “stitches + right eyebrow ” and got here. I’m glad that I found this.
    Oh, I got a cut just above my eyebrow while I was trying to clear the football while defending a corner and a dumb player headed me instead of the ball and gave me my first stitches(3 of them).
    Going to them them removed tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t scar too ugly.

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