I BROKE 80!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not into golf, you can leave.  I understand.

But this is about more than golf.  It’s about relationships, perseverance, and alcohol consumption.

After several runs at my personal holy grail, I finally broke 80.  I shot a 78 today at Tallwood Country Club in Hebron.  37-41-78.

This was a long time coming.  My partners have watched me shoot 80 three times in recent months.  Have you ever heard someone wince?  I did.  When I missed  a 14-inch putt on the 17th hole today, I swear I heard 3 people wince.  Painful.  Never came close to the cup.  My thoughts?  Gag.  Choke.  Pathetic piece of #$!*.

I needed a par on 18 on to break 80.  Been there.  Haven’t done that.

I birdied the hole.  78.

And I did it the way I’d hoped to.  At Tallwood, where I’ve played for decades.  With my usual foursome.  Paul Kenneson, our “A” player, who’d long been encouraging, and rooting for me to break through.  Jim Allen, my longtime partner, who put up with me when I had a 24 handicap.  Bill Ludkiewicz, the relative newcomer to our foursome, a dry wit and my alter ego of sorts.  Tallwood’s longtime PGA professional,  John Nowobilski, who has given me dozens of lessons,  was there to shake my hand when delivered the good news.  And no doubt Andy Weigert, my partner who left us in 1994, was looking down saying, “What took you so long?”

And I even obeyed my wife, who had ordered me not to break 80 unless she was home to share in the celebration.  She was.  And we did.

What fun.

I suppose I need a new goal.  Whenever I finish celebrating crossing this one off the list.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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37 Responses to I BROKE 80!!!!!!!!!

  1. Gene says:

    You mean 17 wasn’t a gimme? 😉
    I’m sure it was much more enjoyable the way you did it. Congrats.

  2. Beckie says:

    Ya know, I was just thinking “I haven’t seen a post from Gerry in a long time!”
    Congratulations! (I think. I have no clue about golf, but I’m guessing this is a good thing since I saw the word “celebrate.” 🙂 )

  3. altheamann says:

    80? Woah!!! Congrats! Try the golf course in Arizona and see how far you can go. 🙂

    – Canoa Ranch, Golf Resort AZ

  4. Bmax says:

    Gerry. Well done mate! Let’s tee it up when you start to loose your rhythm a little!

  5. G.M.Duclos says:


  6. Steve L says:

    Welcome to the club. It’s a more exhilarating feeling than a hole-in-one. I bet you find that you will break 80 again in the next couple of weeks. Congratulations.

  7. Wendy says:

    YAY! Congrats! Upward and onward! Am beyond happy to see a post here. I looked yesterday to see if I’d missed anything and you’d not posted in almost a millenium…much to my chagrin. This posting is a treat for all of us who don’g twitter or twit ~ whatever. Nice to “see” you!

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks Wendy. The station (for now) has us concentrating on Facebook and Twitter, so the blog has suffered for it a bit. In the good weather, I hate to spend time at a keyboard when I can be outside. Have a milestone birthday and an interesting vacation coming up late summer that I hope to chronicle here. Thanks for hanging in!

  8. Wendy says:

    Don’g translates to don’t…arrgh

  9. Kathryn D. says:

    Very impressive – congratulations! 🙂

  10. Graham says:

    I’ll take the monkey for you Gerry. There is NO chance I will ever break 80, but at least there is always Hope. That’s what keeps golfers coming back.

  11. Bill Nealon says:

    I can imagine your joy. After playing for 50 years I still haven’t done it. A cruel game can sometimes be kind. Cheers!

  12. Jim says:

    Congrats my friend…I knew ya could. Wish I was closer so I could share in your celebration! Have one for me!

  13. Linda says:

    I’m not into golf, but I continued reading anyway. Congrats! It must feel wonderful to accomplish one of your dreams. A new goal……..blogging everyday?

  14. Just Joan says:

    I know that’s a big deal even though I don’t golf. Congrats, you have certainly worked hard for it!

  15. Rick B says:

    Never really understood the game, OK I’ll take that back I understand the fundamentals. I just never got excited about it. My younger son is fiend about it so I can understand another’s exuberance about the games challenges and rewards. With that said congrats Ger!

  16. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Congratulations, Gerry!

    There is no greater pressure than that which builds during the final few holes of a good round of golf. And you came through like a champ after a harrowing 17th. Tallwood is no chump course, and you should be proud. Walk tall, my brutha!

  17. Jay Cleary says:

    Next stop……candlepin bowling …..breaking 80….Jay and Joe

  18. Anne says:

    So I have been following you on twitter and you wrote about breaking 80. It was much more exciting to read about it here in your blog. Twitter requires brevity and sometimes the excitiment just doesn’t come through in translation. Good for you! Tell your boss that thousands of fans follow your blog too!!!!!! You are a gifted writer!!!!!!!!

  19. Joanmar says:

    Congratulations, Gerry! I’m not a golfer, but grew with a father that loved it and we watched golf on Saturday afternoon’s on TV all the time. I’m not sure he ever did what you just did though. Very glad to see your blog back up and running. Looking forward to more entries in the coming months! FYI – I don’t tweet. lol

  20. Roger Celinski says:

    Gerry I’ve been in that 80,81 spot several times. It’s nice to break 80. The next big goal, par! Also, thanks for the pleasant round in July that I broke 80 for the first time at Tallwood. Roger

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