Bumper to Bumper

I know how to fill up my car.  I can add windshield washer fluid, and if you put a gun to my head, I suppose I could check the air pressure in the tires, though I’d rather not.

That’s why I’m so damned pleased with myself after an encounter with the guys at my auto body shop Monday.

I picked up my car Friday after having some minor work done.  (The rental company gave me a Chevy Suburban, which means I now can drive an RV or small school bus.)  It looked good as new, and I happily drove away.

But on the first turn, I heard something slide and a “clanking” noise coming from the back.  I returned to the shop, and asked if, perhaps, a tool was left where they’d worked.  (Hey, surgeons make the same mistake.)  I was told that couldn’t be it, it had to be a slightly loose muffler.  Muffler tightened, I hit the road again.


I returned Monday morning.

My favorite screwdriver

“Humor me.  Just check to see if there’s something you left in there.”

The discovery of one rather large screwdriver later, they were apologizing, which was beyond unnecessary.

The sheer thrill of the diagnosis made me feel manly enough to change the oil.

Fortunately, it passed before I tried to do something I’m completely incapable of.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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10 Responses to Bumper to Bumper

  1. I LOVE this.

    Perhaps this means you no longer have a screw loose.

  2. Steve L says:

    Good thing they didn’t leave a ” Slow Comfortable Screw” back there.

  3. pete says:

    i’m proud of you gerry.

  4. Wendy says:

    Impressive, Gerry! I’m with you on the favorite screw driver. Have a great day!

  5. Dick Ahles says:

    Back in the Seventies when you and I were at Channel 3, I had a suburban dealer, who is happily no longer dealing, rotate my tires and the next day, I heard funny clunking sounds from a back tire. Returning to the dealer, we discovered three of the four lug nuts had been bouncing inside the hub cap. I asked to talk with the owner and he quickly denied his emloyees were responsible. To prove it, he asked me what I did for a living and when I said I was in TV news, he said that was a line of work that made enemies and one of the many non-admirers of my work obviously sabotaged my car. This was so creative, I left without further debate.

    Dick Ahles

  6. mr. badwrench says:

    Get a new auto body shop…time is money.

  7. Gerry–

    “The sheer thrill of the diagnosis made me feel manly enough to change the oil. Fortunately, it passed before I tried to do something I’m completely incapable of.”

    That puts me in mind of a favorite quote:

    “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away.”
    Robert M. Hutchins, former President of the University of Chicago.

    Yes, when I was younger and poorer, I used to change my own oil and perform a number of other manly automobile functions. Come to think of it, I used to collect speeding tickets, too. Perhaps the willingness to delegate such responsibilities is a sign of maturity. Or laziness…

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