Say You’re Sorry, or the Laptop Gets It

If you have a spare 8 minutes and 23 seconds this weekend, check out this video.

A guy named Tommy Jordan shot his daughter’s laptop after she ripped him to shreds on Facebook.  (The bullets fly about 7 minutes in.)

Tommy’s a hero to some, a lunatic to others.

Ain’t that America.


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7 Responses to Say You’re Sorry, or the Laptop Gets It

  1. Beckie says:

    I’m anti-gun, but looking at him and listening to his accent, I think this is an area of the country where guns are pretty common. I would rather he have stomped the laptop with his heal or taken a hammer or bat to it, but that’s just me. I love the sentiment!
    I read some comments saying things like he lost his daughter’s heart with this, but IMO, he lost it long before this. He says this isn’t the first time she’s done this.
    At 15, she absolutely should have chores around the house. You live there free. You eat there free. Do something for your keep. Shoot, at 3, my daughter already has chores (age appropriate, of course, like pick up her toys, help me feed the cats, matching socks from the laundry while I fold….)

  2. Karen says:

    Whoa, that was pretty harsh. Totally get where he’s coming from (my daughter drives me crazy with her ridiculousness too), but acting out of anger is NOT going to help his kid see the error of her ways. Time for a little family therapy I think. I imagine they will be lining up outside his door shortly.

  3. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    This cat’s got a degree, so he can’t be (totally) stupid. Coarse maybe. Blunt maybe. But not stupid. Anyway, he’s got good instincts. I liked his Elvis Presley approach to laptops.

  4. Rocky's Mom says:

    Real mixed feelings on this one. Okay, it made me laugh, but Dad is way over the top. Daughter sounds really spoiled but then, who did that? Laptop, camera, iphone, etc. Sixteen year olds at Christmas posting hateful things on Facebook because their parents didn’t buy them a car, for heavens sake. But then I remember your blog about the young girl at Christmas that wanted shoes for donating to shelters. I read a story this morning about a 12 year old boy who asked on his website for donations to raise $10,000 to save his grandma’s house from foreclosure….and did it. Grandma took care of foster children. Glad I read that!!! Gives me hope that some kids are really being raised right.

  5. Like Li’l em tel’s take on this. Elvis acted out what we all felt and believed. In his songs. In his on stage performances. He shook his hips and we thought: Ditto. How many times have I wanted to shoot the TV as Springer, Oprah, Dr. Phil, et all, do what they do. Elvis did it.

    Elvis was great. His hips shook for us all

  6. Paul says:

    I can understand the sentiment but that was a completely irresponsible use of a firearm.

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