Veterans Day

In this digital age. among the first things I do every morning is check the Twitter feed.  In a half-minute, I get the headlines of the new day.

This morning, most of the tweets saluted the nation’s veterans.  Each and every message was very nice, and, I believe, genuine.

And I thought, “We finally got it right.”

Because when our soldiers, sailors and Marines returned from Vietnam, there were little or no salutations, no grand “welcome home” gestures.  Many of these people returned broken and stayed broken for a long, long time.  (For the record, I am not a veteran.  My Vietnam-era draft lottery number was 266.)

We, in essence, blamed the messenger.

This time, whether we agree or disagree with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we appreciate those who serve.

For those of us who never served, who can’t possibly comprehend the horrors of war, it’s the very least we can do.

Of course, not every member of the armed forces serves overseas or fights in a war.  My father served in the Navy.  He was based in Jacksonville and San Diego.  He did tell me he saw a lot of action.

In Tijuana.

Happy Veterans Day.


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7 Responses to Veterans Day

  1. Yolanda says:

    Love your post! My older brother, SSG Ramón Luis Negrón served in the United States Army for 23 years. My cousin Virginia Tarrats served in the U.S. Navy for 15. I have lots of friends who either they or their children are serving. My deepest and biggest admiration for our men and women who VOLUNTARILY serve our country so bravely, without the expectation of being deemed a heroe. THAT is what truly makes a heroe… Doing what they do simply because it is what they are there to do. Btw, yeah, I’m sure your dad saw a lot of action alright! Now we know who YOU came out like!!!! TQM! ; )

  2. Kathy L says:

    Watched a really good series on the History chanel the past 3 nights : Vietnam in HD. I’ve watched other stuff before, but for some reason this one really made an impact. I can appreciate why my brother (Viet Nam vet) was so against going to Iraq…
    My former brother -in-law was in the Navy, on the Coral Sea, in the Pacific, but for a while he (and my sister) were stationed in Fallon, NV!! He was a mechanic, and that was the longest Naval airstrip… not exactly Tijuana

  3. JH says:

    Thanks Ger, appreciate the sentiment.

  4. Steve L says:

    I was stuck with a friend last week in Baltimore (BTW) airport trying to get back to storm ravaged Connecticut. We had just cleared security for I think the third or fourth time in two days when we heard a whole lot of commotion (clapping and rousing cheers) on the opposite side of security.
    We could see veterans of the “Greatest Generation” walking with canes and wheeling themselves in wheel chairs through a gauntlet of well wishers, admirers, and thankful citizens who were there to see them off, back home, from ceremonies at the World War ll monument in Washington DC. A stirring moment that should be offered to every vet of every war.

  5. jim milliard says:

    My wife and I watched an emotional PBS broadcast titled Vietnam Stories.I have many friends who served and survived Vietnam,and this reminded us that if they don’t want to talk about their time there,there’s usually a really horrible experiance that they don’t want to re-live.I hope that I’m there to help them survive the rest of their lives and show my gratitude for their sacrifice.

  6. melissa says:

    Thank you to all the veterans out there for your service and dedication, and thank you to everyone for the Thank-yous. Truth is, I have always felt guilty calling myself a veteran knowing full well that I was afforded the protection of tons and tons of steel, and the accompaniment of an entire battle group and never really was in harm’s way. I have always felt….and I can’t fully explain why…that the true veterans are those who have put their lives on the line not knowing if today may be their last. So to all of those folks, I offer you an extra special Thank You.

    This was the “update” My brother Posted on his FB account
    He served on the U.S.S Abraham Lincoln from 1998-2003
    He may have not faught in any wars but he is still a hero to me.

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