OK, Quails Too

Since I posted on Tuesday about the proliferation of pheasants in our neighborhood, the quail have been, shall we say, a bit pissy.

They are obviously not happy that the pheasants got all the attention after they broke from their pens during the storm.   Not a single quail was shown in the post, or on our story on the 6pm news.  It was all about the pheasants, and perhaps you can see why.

The pheasants are showboats.  The quail just blend in.  (Which, considering these birds are bred for hunting, may be good for their longevity.)  Still, their birdbrains are apparently overcome by ego.

They got together for what appeared to be a summit.

And then, they marched off.  Pheasant and quail together.

Hmmm.  Could they be plotting an attack?  Could the hunted become hunters?  Could I use some rest?

Couldn’t we all?


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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6 Responses to OK, Quails Too

  1. Cat Summers says:

    Then just call me”Quails Summers”…
    I have just returned home and may I say, “there is no place like home”…
    Plenty of finger pointing in this one Gerry, but I did mention in another comment, these trees should have come down after Irene..Actually, years ago.
    While I stayed at a wonderful hotel, very “Gerry Brookish,” indeed…I will say, I did not miss the computer at all… I found my cell phone, my number and redial were the only things on my mind.
    This morning when my answering maching finally spoke to me “theres no one to take your call” I sprang from my bed, packed all that I accumulated in 8 days and out the door I ran, yipee!!!
    Perhaps it was my little jab at you that brought all this on me,,,,Ya think?
    Remind me to never say anything bad , even in jest to my fav, newsman. ever again..
    Even though it wasn’t Europe,, it was nice to get away and meet new people, even if most were cranky….
    Say good night Gerry : )

  2. Cat Summers says:

    oops* answering maching

  3. Cat Summers says:

    yikes! *machine…. ta ta

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