Humor in the Dark

Unless you’re the President and COO of Connecticut Light & Power.

Jeff Butler’s been taking a beating from all sides this week for his company’s response to the storm and its mind-bending aftermath.

And now, on Twitter, there’s @FakeJeffButler.

Here’s a sample of his/her work (re: power outages).


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5 Responses to Humor in the Dark

  1. Moses says:

    Blaming Butler is crazy-why would God do this to us? I did the sign of the cross and I still didn’t have power.

  2. Moses

    I think ” doing the sign of the cross ” isn’t enough. It has to be in writing. On a tablet. Chisled.Try this and see what happens

  3. Beckie says:

    We just got power back today….almost a week later. Yes, Butler is getting the brunt of the anger and frustration. I’m not so sure most of it isn’t deserved, though. Talk to me after my house as warmed up, I’ve finished cleaning out the fridge and freezer and thrown away a LOT of food. (what a waste!)

  4. MiaouMa says:

    Add to that chart

    Southington…’re lying.

    My condo complex has been listed as fully powered because the spotter that came out here only came in a few buildings and reported power. they have been logging all our reports of outages (from 11 buildings) as bogus. this from a warm body at CL&P on the phone and a stray spotter that wandered in here from Mississippi today. Six days and they ignored so many calls???

  5. @FakeJeffButler on Twitter is our hero!

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