The Mick

Here’s something to make you feel just a little bit older.  Mickey Mantle would have been 80 years old today.

Even kids growing up as Red Sox fans in the pre-Yaz era idolized Mantle.  Besides, Yaz never had The Mick’s cachet.

Mickey Mantle was no choir boy.  Nor did he take very good care of himself.  Had he, he’d probably be throwing out the first ball when the World Series moves to Texas.

But that’s all part of the legend of The Mick, isn’t it?


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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15 Responses to The Mick

  1. Linda says:

    Wow, that does make me feel old! Even though I was just a youngster, I had such a crush on him! At that time, I didn’t know about all the drinking and womanizing and I don’t know what it was about him that caught my attention, but to this day when I think about baseball, I think about him. I think part of it is that he just truly loved the game.

  2. If it wasn’t for the Mick’s bad knees there would be a fifth bust of him at Mt. Rushmore!
    R.I.P. Mick…

    Nice Post!

  3. Steve L says:

    No idolizing here. He was still a Yankee!

  4. Li'l Mick-Kel says:

    I grew up around New York, and around that time. The Mick, the Duke, and the Say Hey Kid. It was heaven – especially if you were a Yankee fan, which I was not. I rooted for the Bums, a truly great team that was whipped by the Yanks every time but one. The consistent failures of the 1950s Dodgers engendered in me a sort of understanding – if not sympathy – for Bosox fans.

    Snider never really tried. Mantle wrecked his health. Only Mays reached his full potential.

    Still, there’s something about Mickey . . .

  5. Dick Ahles says:

    Remember when a headline seeking Congressional committee called Casey Stengel and Mantle to testify on baseball’s anti-trust protection? Stengel answered a question with a rambling, mostly incoherent and hilarious response that covered everything in baseball but the issue. Mantle was then sworn and made the following opening statement.

    “I agree with Casey.”

  6. Graham says:

    Wonder if he drank beer in the dugout during the games.

  7. The Ahles comment is priceless. And li’l ‘ em mick hits another one out of the yard.

    I’m reading Sebastian Junger’s ( The Perfect Storm ) ” War.” About the time he spent with U.S. troops in Afghanistan.In the early going of the book, Junger writes about how the best soldiers are often bad actors ” In garrison. ” Bored, used to the adrenalin rush of combat, these guys, when they’re behind the lines, in the barracks, are big trouble. Reminds me of Mantle. And Beckett, Lackey and Lester.

    Don’t judge these warriors by their behavior ” in garrison. ” What makes them so good on the field of battle correlates to what makes them so bad in the club house.

    Sure, these guys had a bad year. But all things considered…

    The Show, as MLB is called, is, in a way, like war. We shouldn’t expect the best soldiers to be choir boys in the clubhouse

    • Gerry says:

      Oh, I don’t. Not at all. It’s the Red Sox PR machine that would have you believe otherwise.
      As for Mr. Ahles, there are very few better at setting fingers to the keyboard and putting words in a row.
      (By the way, my mother loves your blog.)

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