A Night at the Opera

Until late August, I had never attended an opera in my life.  And I may never attend another.  Because the one and only opera I saw was here.

The Verona Arena.  A Roman amphitheater that’s been around since, oh, 30 A.D.

Only a handful of shows are produced at this mini-Colosseum in the summer, and my wife (who also had never been to an opera) had the foresight to score two great tickets ahead of our vacation.

The show, appropriate to Verona, was “Romèo et Juliette.”  So even though we were unfamiliar with opera, and really didn’t understand what they were singing, we knew the story.  And even if we weren’t, who cared?  We were in this ages-old setting, under the stars, watching this spectacle.

And then there were Romeo and Juliet themselves.

Romeo was wearing leather pants on a very hot August night.

That, my friends, is suffering for your art.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to A Night at the Opera

  1. Linda says:

    Ah, Gerry, that was worth the wait! Simply beautiful! And, thank you for commenting on Romeo rather than Juliet. I’m assuming she didn’t pop out of her costume?

  2. Cat says:

    There you go, you found something about the opera that really made it interesting, a” visual” aspect no less…
    I love this “arm chair travel”, with you, its not costing me a cent.
    I remember when I was in Rome, a mere child of 6, maybe 7. the family went to the Fountain of Trevi. As I sat watching hundreds(not all at the same time) tossing their coins and making wishes, I was wishing ” wow just how rich could I be and how much candy I could buy with it all”. It wasn’t long after that thought my folks heard “~swish swish~” behind them,,,yep there I was, playing beat the clock, collecting as many coins as I could in the shortest amount of time.
    As the story ends,,,,,, no coins, no candies, only a stern look from the folks.. : (
    To this day if I pass a fountain, I feel guilty!

  3. Terry says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I’ve been to opera here in the States but I think this one can’t compare.

  4. Kathy L says:

    What a great experience! I’m not an opera person, but oh, the wonder of seeing one there!! The kind of experience where you try to see everything, breathe deeply to suck it all in, absorb it through your pores!! Many years ago, when we were first married, we did a lot of traveling with my husband’s company. We got to see Yul Brenner in “The King and I” at the London Palladium. Quite an experience for a young woman who never thought she’d leave Worcester County!!

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