The title of this post was the most succinct and sorrowful of the tributes that flooded Twitter in the two hours after Apple announced founder Steve Jobs died.

I’ve long enjoyed iTunes and my iPod.  My iPod Touch was a valuable resource on our recent vacation.  An iPad and perhaps an iPhone are next.

But I didn’t realize the depth of feeling and appreciation people had for Steve Jobs.  Here are some of the tributes from the Twitterverse following the announcement of his passing.

Influence much: Writing this on iPad, took a call about Jobs story on my iPhone while accessing work Mac through my MacBook.

Steve Jobs was a true innovator and credit to the human race.

Steve Jobs is the modern day Thomas Edison – CNN

I learned to program computers at the age of 11 in 6th grade on an Apple 2 computer. Thanks Steve.

Steve Jobs! Thanks for never settling for the way things were during a life you spent showing us how things could be. O Captain! My captain!

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to punch you when you were well, Steve. You did more good than many of us ever will.

One guy totally changed how people communicate with each other, educate and entertain themselves and listen to music. Damn.

Thanks Steve Jobs…High School: Mac 512K, College: Apple LCII, Grad School iBook, Work: iMac, Lifeline: iPhone 4, Home: Apple TV, Kids: iPad

RIP Steve Jobs. See you in the iCloud.

Raising a glass to Steve Jobs. Let’s all strive to improve on the design in our own lives.

RIP #SteveJobs. He lived in the future and made all of our lives better in the present.

I wonder how much Palin will flip when she sees ppl care more about Steve Jobs than her…

Steve Jobs. On behalf of every dreamer sitting in his or her garage who is crazy enough to try to change the world, you will be missed.

RiPhone RiPad RiPod

Those jeans, those glasses and that black turtleneck belong in the Smithsonian.

Will there be a greater innovator in our time?? Doubtful. RIP Steve Jobs.

MLB:  We pause as our postseason plays out to celebrate Steve Jobs’ life, honoring his brilliant, amazing legacy and wishing his family peace.

Warren Buffett: “He was one of the most remarkable business managers and innovators in american business history.”

Obama:  There may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.

Props to @CNBC for summing up life of #SteveJobs with three words: Rebel. Icon. Genius.

Without Steve Jobs, I’d still be fiddling with Hi-Fi instead of living off Wi-Fi.

I’ll be honest, Apple culture is a little too closed for my liking, but I’ve used the products because they are simply better. Thanks Steve.

A little piece of Steve jobs will live on in the millions of magical devices he inspired.

@AP: iCame, iSaw, iConquered: By understanding human desire, Steve Jobs changed the world.

I plan to wear a Black tee plus and blue jeans in honor of #Steve Jobs. Can you find something to do in his honor?

Feel a bit guilty about involuntary laugh at this: RT @theonion: BREAKING: Panicking Apple Board Of Directors Attempt To Restart Steve Jobs.


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4 Responses to iMourn

  1. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    . . . and one more thing.

    Thanks, Steve.

  2. R.I.P. Steve. You will be greatly missed.

    We’d have no iPad, or iPod, or even a Mac if not for him.

  3. amyparmenter says:

    and also… iSad.

    Just truly breaks my heart. If you have a chance to google his Stanford commencement address 2005….check it out.



  4. t says:

    No college, drugs, sounds like hell of a guy…

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