Prescriptions and Plumbers

Two things I’ve learned in the past few days:

One: When a prescription says “take after meals,” it means after.

Guess the drug!

I’m taking a prescription anti-inflammatory for one of those “you’re not 29 anymore” injuries.  The other day, I took it before dinner.  My line of thought was, what difference does it make if you put food on top of the pill or under it?

Actually, it makes a big difference.  At least, that’s what my stomach and then Keisha Grant told me. 


Turns out that when my colleague was a young reporter trying to make ends meet, she worked part-time as a “licensed pharmaceutical technician.”  She knew exactly what I was taking and exactly why my stomach told me it was going to make life very difficult that night.

If this TV thing doesn’t work out, that woman has a future.

Two:  Speaking of careers, I suppose I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about “being on TV,” because I wasn’t smart enough to be a plumber.  I come from three generations of plumbers.  My father was comfortably retired when he was my age.

I bring this up because we needed a plumber recently.  When the bill came the other day, I broke tradition and looked at it, just out of curiosity.  (My wife pays the bills.  I never look at bills because I’m from the “What I don’t know won’t hurt me” school.)

It reaffirmed my suspicion that I might be retired by now had I had the smarts to plumb.  But I didn’t, so I do this, which has been a fine and safer alternative.

Still, it makes me wonder why a grand total of none of the people I know suggest their children pursue a trade.  Not a one.

What would I think if someone’s child told me they wanted to grow up to be a plumber or an electrician?

I’d think they were the smartest kid in the room.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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11 Responses to Prescriptions and Plumbers

  1. Linda says:

    Nobody wants to “get their hands dirty” anymore. They’re looking for an easy way to make a lot of money doing very little. It has always irked me that actors, singers, athletes make so much money when it’s the person who gets their hands dirty that really deserve the money. I’m so grateful for my garbage men who have to go out in all kinds of weather to take my garbage to the dump. We have a volunteer fire department in my town. For FREE! they’ll run into my burning home to save me. I wish more of our young people would look into the trades for careers. With more plumbers, electricians, etc., there would be more competition and prices would go down!

  2. Martha Weis says:

    Gues that drug? Looks like Naproxen to me – prescription strength Aleve. Do I win a prize?

  3. RJM says:

    My son, goes to a state tech hs and a kid that helped him get adjusted in hs & welding, graduated last June. He was hired right out of hs making $62/hour welding or about $3000 a week. I consider my son very smart with this career path.

  4. NurseChuck says:

    NurseChuck sez: Always follow directions when taking any medication.

  5. MiaouMa says:

    And I have also learned from experience not to take it on an empty stomache, first thing in the morning, with only enough water to get it down because you’re in a hurry.

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