The Opposite of The Idiots

Now that they’ve squandered a 9 game lead on the Rays, can the Red Sox still survive and advance?

The bigger question is:  do I care?  The answer:  not as much as I wish I did.

There had been a lot to like about this team, but not a lot to love.  The emotional investment was lacking, because I never saw much emotional investment from the men wearing the laundry we root  for.

The face of 2004.

Remember the unmitigated joy of 2004?  They were The Beatles of baseball.  Manny and Papi were John and Paul with Louisville Sluggers.  Pedro and Schilling, the Lennon and McCartney of the mound.  Millar and Damon were Ringos.  Mueller and Bellhorn were  Georges.  Quiet, steady, and every now and then they produced a “Something.”

The face of 2011.

Certainly, the current incarnation has talent.  Jacoby Ellsbury is having an “up yours” season of historic proportions.  But with the possible exception of Dustin Pedroia (whose actions speak louder than words) there is not a single definable personality that stands out.

There is nobody to love.

The sad fact is that the 2011 Red Sox have become the Yankees.  Without the guts.  And without the charm.


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10 Responses to The Opposite of The Idiots

  1. 48colorrainbow says:

    This year’s Red Sox have not been as fun to follow as Red Sox teams from seasons past. Even last year’s team was more enjoyable.

  2. Graham says:

    Agreed, too much talk and not enough caring. It looks like they all have plans elsewhere next week. I actually hope they make to playoffs………make them work another week. The rest of us will be at our positions, they should be too.
    Ha, that’ll teach them!

  3. Bill Nealon says:

    Spot on. You know things are bad when they’re excited about the return of JD Drew.

  4. Terrific post. You’re so right. This year’s Sox squad is the poster team for Paxil. J.D. Drew ( Or as my pal, Bruce from Marshfield calls him, JuDy Drew ) , has the charisma of a hood ornament. I like Josh Rettig, but he reminds me of the male leads in those old Ingmar Bergman movies. Those guys had reasons for looking cold and depressed; they spent their winters in Sweden, where the sun sets and doesn’t come back up for months.Talk about a metaphor for what might happen with the Sox come tomorrow night.

    If this season were a novel, it would have been written by Steig Larsson:

    The Boys Who Played With Fire ( Except in April and September )

  5. Tom says:

    Just like the Yankees — just with 20 less World Series Titles!!!!!!!!

  6. TomM says:

    I think they’re doing better than my 401K portfolio.

  7. Jean says:

    I don’t care either Bad start Bad finish they don’t deserve to be in playoffs

  8. Mary says:

    Hard to disagree with you when you’re so right, I’d rather bow out now than keep myself up until all hours just to be too aggravated to sleep when they finally loose.

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