Subtraction by Addition

When we last checked in with Ms. Keisha Grant, she had 10,864 emails in her Hotmail inbox.

She led me by 10,862.

A month later, she’s up to 11,985, which is exactly 11,985 more than me.  (But I’m phasing out Hotmail since a hacker stopped by last week.)

Still, this represents progress.  Yes, it’s a net gain of 1,121 emails, but they’re proliferating at a slower rate.

Yes, we’ve staged an intervention, and she’s trying to devote a few minutes every day to the delete button. 

Next month, we hope to report that her inbox has dwindled down to four figures. 

What are the odds?


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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6 Responses to Subtraction by Addition

  1. Cat says:

    Hello Stanger….
    First let me say ~Happy Birthday~…… you look fab………… : )
    Hope you have/had a wonderful day and a tasty cake to boot….
    Many more years of health & happiness to you..
    Say goodnite Gerry…

  2. Linda says:

    I still can’t wrap my brain around that many emails. I couldn’t accumulate that many in 10 years! I wonder if TLC would do a reality show about email inboxes along the lines of Hoarding – Buried Alive. Anyway, it’s great to read you again. And Happy Birthday. Lot’s of August birthdays. At work, 11 out of 28 people have birthdays in August – including me! It’s a big one this year. Usually, my birthdays are very low key, but this year I’ll celebrate it with diner in Hartford with my girls. Hope you got to celebrate yours in a special way!

  3. jim milliard says:

    Happy Birthday to yooooou!
    Happy Birthday to yooooou!
    Birth You!
    day You!
    Happy dear Happy Birth You!
    Ger toooo (pause) You!
    rrrrr day You!


  4. jim milliard says:

    I tried singing to you but my #@&^$ computer can’t comprehend

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