In Too Deep

I haven’t been blogging much lately. 

I really don’t have much to say.  Also, I prefer to spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time outside when the weather is so good.  And I think I have a touch of social networking fatigue.

There is the blog, which I enjoy keeping up.  Then there’s Facebook, to which I post the blog, and keep in touch with old friends.  There’s LinkedIn, which I have little use for.   Then came Twitter, which I find has value in bringing me up to speed quickly on the day’s events.  Those, I could juggle.

But now I have two new additions.  At the behest of my employer, there is now a Gerry Brooks, NBC Connecticut page.  You should visit it and click “Like,” because my boss will like that.  I’ve been diverting some of my attention to that, at the expense of blog and Twitter time.

And an old friend just sucked me into Google+, which is Google’s run at Facebook.   I don’t fully understand it yet, and I don’t know when I’ll find the time to figure it out.

That is a lot of social networking.  And the truth is…

I’m really not that social.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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26 Responses to In Too Deep

  1. Wendy says:

    I clicked the “Like” just as you asked. Now could you please come back to this area more often? I really miss the frequent smiles and chuckles I get from reading your comments. As for your electronic expertise…I still can’t send a text on my phone that I’ve had for 2+ months! More power to you!

  2. RJM says:

    I don’t blame you…we have to enjoy the weather while we can. Maybe with the heat of the next few days, we might see you here?

  3. Hey, boss at least you are doing your thing and keeping with the new Television (social networking is just broadcasting on another level) Keep on trucking!

  4. pete says:

    it’s good to keep up with the technology gerry… remember CRQ?

  5. Kathryn D. says:

    I selected “like”! 🙂

  6. Bruce B says:


    I appreciate your brutal honesty.


  7. Mary says:

    I visited your NBC page, font is a little small for these old eyes, but like I tell my daughters at least play the game, and doing as the boss says is always a good idea. Enjoying the outside is always a must, and you had better not complain about the heat, I haven’t had to shovel any of it………… so all is good in the world.

  8. Jim says:

    Aren’t we the social butterfly. The picture looks like you’re waitng for the other shoe to drop or late for lunch. Enjoy the weather,I made the same statement in January!

  9. Linda says:

    Like Wendy, I really miss reading your blog posts. Even when you have nothing to say, it generally makes me smile. I hear my co-workers talking about their social networking and games and they moan and groan about how much time they spend doing it. Me, I keep it simple. Life is calmer for me when things are simple.

  10. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Tangentially speaking, has anyone ridden the NYC subways during the late ’50s and early ’60s, as I did? Scaled-down billboards lined the upper part of the subway car walls, above the still-in-use leather straps for standees. In addition to ubiquitous promotions for the eternally upcoming Miss Reingold beauty contest, there were cryptic come-ons targeting those who felt overwhelmed by the intricacies of Gregg shorthand, yet who yearned for a career in stenography. This was the pitch:

    f u cn rd ths, u cn hv a gd jb w hi pa.

    Get it?

    Does it remind you of another more current form of shorthand?

    If that ain’t Tweet-Talk, I dnt no wt is.

  11. Terry says:

    Ok, I liked the like page!! Got to keep the bosses happy (yawn).
    I don’t blame you for not showing up here during the summer. I prefer you enjoy the summer and not those shots of the “snowblower”. Did I actually write that 4 letter dirty word? S##%% !!
    i MEAN “LIKE”!!

  12. Melissa says:

    yep I missed the blog as well. Sure your new FB page is super fantastic but I like the blog better. And I kinda miss the snow or at least I will Not sure if I’ll get used to Palm trees in december. But the plus side is Golf courses are open all year. good news if your the head chef at the club.

    • Gerry says:

      Hi Mel…always nice to hear from you. The blog is alive and well and just taking an occasional breather. And if you ever miss the snow that badly, we can have some shipped to you.

  13. Cat says:

    That is what I like about you Gerry, if you have nothing to say, so be it.
    Sure beats some others in the local media that play the tune ” me, me, me” everyday..
    Honestly,there seems such a need to tell everything and I do mean everything, its actually kind of sad, not to mention a bit boring.
    Okay, I’m off to click your new page, just don’t forget us little people, please.
    Keep cool.

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks Cat. I just don’t want to post for the sake of posting. And it can’t be all about me because I’m really not that interesting. (Though I like the occasional Dos Equis.)

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