Patience and Proper Planning

It seems to me that we are an impatient society, and getting more so by the day.  We want what we want and we want it now, dammit!  And the click of a mouse or the punch of a button frequently makes it possible.

When the shock wore off after the death and destruction on September 11, 2001, I must admit I marvelled at the precision of the attacks, the planning that went into them, and the patience that was so necessary to execute that plan at the precise time.  Especially the patience.

I was concerned that maybe we’d lost a step.  That others were hungrier, more nimble.  I wondered if we had that kind of patience to devise a top-secret plan of attack, and wait until the precise and proper moment to carry it out flawlessly, or nearly so. 

Now we know.


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5 Responses to Patience and Proper Planning

  1. Melissa says:

    My Brother is a Former SEAL. He told me that chances are they had days maybe hours to put this plan into action. Those guys are quick thinkers and even better shooters. But I think waiting 10 years is enough time.

  2. Agree with all of that, Gerry. And another thing: The terrorists carried out a plan on Sept. 11 that was based on imagination. Hit us in a way that wasn’t on the radar screen of our imaginations. Use our commercial aircraft to take down the towers. And on Sunday, we showed the world that America can be just as creative, just as imaginative. Bombing the compound? Mortars? No. Copters with Navy Seals.

    This is the kind of thinking that helped us win WWII.

  3. James says:

    Unspoken in all of the commentary has been the role played by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – Adm. Mike Mullen. He is the best the Navy has produced in a generation (and maybe last two generations). He’s politically savvy, smarter than hell, and when the situation requires – a seriously tough guy.

    I’m sure many of the President’s advisors were telling him to bomb the daylights out of the compound months ago and declare victory. I’d be willing to bet the farm that it was Mike Mullen advising the President to take a little more time and get it right.

    Mullen’s second tour as Chief is ending shortly and he can’t be re-appointed by law. So the President and the country will lose the the skills of this leader – unless the President appoints him to a civilian leadership role.

    The only good news connected with Mullen’s departure is that he has been a mentor (‘Sea Daddy’ in Navy-speak) to some of the best naval officers in the fleet, who are now reaching the senior leadership positions. Some military leaders burn bright and then they’re gone like a shooting star in the night. A very few have an impact on the officer corps that lasts for a long time. I believe Mike Mullen to be one of the latter.

  4. magsx2 says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I agree, sometimes things that are rushed or done in haste can end badly.
    What a fantastic job The American Navy Seals did and a great outcome at the end, I was joining in with everyone that was celebrating, as word started to spread, on TV we saw scenes from ground zero, as well as a few other places, where people started to gather, you just couldn’t help but join in.
    With all the bad news this year from all the natural disasters around the world, at last we had some great news.

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