It’s a Long Season

This commercial for New Era baseball caps might seem funnier if the Red Sox hadn’t lost their first six games.

Still, they’re playing the Yankees this weekend, so at least the verbal jousting between Alec Baldwin of Massapequa, NY and John Krasinski of Newton, MA is timely.


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4 Responses to It’s a Long Season

  1. I like how Mr. Baldwin walks out of the room when his phone rings ( I will continue to use ” ring ” despite that sound being heard these days only in church steeples ) Considerate. And I’m happy the Sox beat the Yanks yesterday, but Lackey has given up 15 runs in his first 2 games. Some starters don’t give up that many by the All Star break. And the guy behind the plate, whose last name has more syllables than Manny has excuses. He needs a lesson in what to do when a guy on the opposing team tries to steal second. Mr. Saltelemaccia: You don’t throw the ball to the center fielder when that happens!

  2. Mary says:

    Yes, we all get worked up, but the season is young as they say, but a win over the Yankees is ALWAYS sweet………..

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