The Rain, The Table and Other Things

So nice to return to…snow showers??  If there was ever a message that said “vacation’s over,” that’s it.

The rain certainly did a good job washing away most of the snow that was still on the ground when we left.  A quick look-see revealed the winter damage to be confined to a couple of rhododendrons, a piece of gutter, and the patio table.

It’s amazing how perfectly the glass shattered and dropped.

Maybe we should have a “guess the number of pieces of glass” contest.

Maybe not.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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14 Responses to The Rain, The Table and Other Things

  1. Linda says:

    Well, hello Gerry! It’s nice to have you back where you belong. Will there be pictures of your trip?

  2. Gene says:

    Do you always leave the table out? I think you mentioned it before, but I have CRS. (Can’t Remember Sh*t)

  3. Gene says:

    And lest I forget…nice Cowsills reference.

  4. Mary says:

    Nice to have you back, I trust you and the Mrs. had a wonderful time. I myself was amazed at the rate the snow disappeared, so much for the snowball fights at the pool. As for the white in the air this A.M. some angels need a little Head and Shoulders that’s all.

  5. Cat says:

    Welcome back.
    Question if I may…. Why Brian Williams in the start of your show?

  6. Cat says:

    Can’t put those two gentlemen in the same category.
    Whatever, I like the other announcer better.., but each to his own I guess..

  7. The answer to your number of pieces question is 876,345. How do I know? The exact same thing happened to our glass table top, which ( stupidly ) we were trying to move to cover the bush next to our deck. A pair of cardinals had a nest in there, with baby birdies in it. A storm was coming. Cardinals have survived for eons without the help of do gooders like us. Luckily, the explosion only killed two of the five birdies.

    Just kidding about that last part, but the noise from the explosion must have scared them almost to death. And.

    Love the pavers. Exactly like the ones we used for our patio down here.

    Bienvenidos otra vez, mi amigo

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