Tweeting Oscar

I have, against all odds, become something of a fan of Twitter.

I have always been a fan of Steve Martin.

Put the two together, and you can get a pretty good laugh in 140 characters or less.  Over the past several days, his tweets have been leading up to the Oscars.

Check it out.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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3 Responses to Tweeting Oscar

  1. Mary says:

    A genuinely funny man, who seems to love what he does. Can’t say what my favorite movie of his is, Planes, Trains & Automobiles maybe or Parenthood, so many true situations. A true funny man

  2. Jean says:

    Like him as an actor and comedian, but LOVE his banjo picking! Steve and his bluegrass band, The Steep Canyon Rangers, will be playing at the Warner Theater in June. Highly recommended!

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