With so many people in touch with their insurance agents this winter for roof collapses and leaking ceilings, let me introduce you to my favorite TV character of the moment.  You’ve seen him.

His name is Mayhem.

Mayhem’s real name is Dean Winters.  Maybe you’ve seen him on Oz, 30 Rock, or Rescue Me.  He’s good. 

I know they give Clio awards for commercials, but maybe Emmy can make room for these 30-second performances. 

They’re better than some of the acting we see in the shows they run in.


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12 Responses to Mayhem

  1. NancyB says:

    I LOVE Mayhem! And I always had a feeling he was Liz Lemon’s boyfriend so you saved me the trouble of finally looking it up. We cracked up when we saw this commercial – we were all saying “what’s he gonna do now?!”. I love when he’s hanging from the antenna like he’s one of those car flags…

  2. anne says:

    he was also on Law and Order:SVU…..miss his character

  3. pete says:

    wasn’t he a weekend morning producer?

  4. Steve L says:

    OMG! I just realized that Mayhem is also our Governor.

  5. James says:

    Whomever created this ad campaign deserves every advertising award out there. (And I didn’t think that anyone could top Flo and her name tag…) It is so clever & dumb at the same time that I can’t help but laugh. Anyone with a GPS who has been driven crazy by the woman with the British upper class accent incessently saying, “Recalculating” can’t help but lose it when Mayhem does that routine. Absolutely brilliant!!

  6. Mary says:

    Funny you should bring him up…………… Can’t stand any of his ads, his mug is on my computer daily I work for the company he does his ads for. I know he’s only the messenger, but I cringe when I see him, it appears he enjoys mayhem and like I have said before growing up with 3 brothers and countless cars, mayhem was the norm. I happen to favor the other gent who does ads for us, he is far more comforting.

  7. The only thing that would make this spot better would be if it was Ed Reimers up there on the roof.

  8. Bill says:

    I like “Mayhem” acting like a GPS in an auto insurance commercial. “RECALCULATING!”

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