Fascinating Facts, Part 1

I recently finished reading Bill Bryson‘s “At Home: A Short History of Private Life.”

I bookmarked several of what I call “fascinating facts,” and I will share these with you on days that I am out of things to say or am really backed up.  (Unless I’m violating some sort of copyright.)  Anyway, I am terribly time challenged at the moment, so here is what I call a “fascinating fact” Bryson wrote about vitamins.

Put simply, we need vitamins a lot, but we don’t need a lot of them.  Three ounces of vitamin A, lightly but evenly distributed, will keep you purring for a lifetime.  Your B1 requirement is even less—just one ounce spread over seventy or eighty years.  But just try doing without those energizing specks and see how long it is before you start to fall to pieces.

See?  Who knew?  Fascinating!


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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2 Responses to Fascinating Facts, Part 1

  1. But … but … but … my doctor just told me to take vitamins! She can’t possibly be getting kick backs on those, too! Personally, going without those energizing specks sounds as deleterious to my health as going without my coffee each day. I think I’ll just stick with the coffee – light, no sugar (the version that’s good for you! Ha Ha).

    • Gerry says:

      Let’s see…by my count, I’ve done 1,672 “coffee is bad for you” stories over the years, and 1,596 “coffee is good for you” stories. And not once have I referred to it as java or joe.

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