Dire Down Under

Once our predicted 8-to-16 inches of snow falls, we will be left with a little inconvenience and a lot of pretty pictures.

But nature is doing an absolutely vicious number down under.  Perhaps you’ve noticed comments on recent posts from Magsx2.  He’s a blogger who checks in from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

As I write this, 8 people are dead and 72 injured in flooding that just won’t stop in southern Queensland.

Toowoomba, Australia

Magsx2 has been blogging for days about the dire situation there.  Click here to check it out.

Best wishes to Magsx2 and his countrymen and women, dealing with such a bad situation in a land I very much hope to visit sooner than later.  But until then, he brings Australia to us.

UPDATE:  He is a she!  Her name is Maggie, and my deepest apologies for being so presumptive.  Maggie, best of luck at this bad time in Brisbane.


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5 Responses to Dire Down Under

  1. Mary says:

    As always when we think it’s bad for us, there is someone far worse. Snow can be piled and moved, water has a mind of it’s own. Be safe everyone.

  2. magsx2 says:

    Hi Gerry,
    Thank You very much for mentioning my posts in my blog. I didn’t receive a pingback because you put in the URL for the blog and not a post. Therefor I have put in a comment in the Kangaroo post with your blog name and URL to this post.
    On another note I am a women, Mags as in Maggie. It really is an Aussie thing I think cutting names. 🙂 Thanks again for the mention.

    • Gerry says:

      How horribly presumptive of me, Maggie. My apologies for assuming you were a man. I hope all is well in Brisbane. Please keep in touch.

      • magsx2 says:

        Hi Gerry,
        No problem at all just one of those things. I have been out helping friends, and will be going out again soon. Brisbane is still on Alert, we have a high tide in about 2 hours, and then a king tide that will hit about 3am. Amongst all this we now have a storm warning out. 🙂 I have you on my RSS feed so I will definitely keep in touch.

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