Just Say It

I don’t make a lot of mistakes on the air.  But when I do…

I look my boss in the face and say the three magic words.  Saying the three magic words is an honest and emphatic admission of error.  And even better, it’s a conversation ender.  What’s there to add after you say the three magic words? 


There are far too many people who can’t bring themselves to say the three magic words (and yes, you may swap out the middle word for something less offensive if you’d like).

We can add to that long list the Greater Hartford Arts Council, which most definitely should invoke the three magic words after botching the annual Festival of Light

Instead, the Arts Council CEO told reporter Jenna Carlesso of the Hartford Courant in today’s paper: “I was surprised when people expressed disappointment.” 

And: “We felt it was more important to try to change the expectation and make it more dramatic and theatrical.”

And best of all, trying to explain why lights weren’t put on the park’s trees:  “We were concerned about birds getting electrocuted.”  (I love the little birdies as much as the next person, but…really.)

The way we were.

Memo to Arts Council:  The Festival of Light isn’t about “dramatic and theatrical.”  It’s about ooohs and ahhhs, about dads putting their kids on their shoulders for a better view, about creating family memories that will last a lifetime.  Need creative advice?  Ask an 8 year old.

People came to see thousands and thousands of twinkling bright lights, and you gave them a tree.  That…is disappointment.

This year’s Festival of Light really was for the birds.

So go ahead, say the three magic words.  People will respect you for it.  And you’ll feel better.

I know.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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16 Responses to Just Say It

  1. Mary says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself and those 3 little words can set you free.

  2. Joyce Hodgson says:

    I must be a dunce – three little words? I’m really sorry (that’s a bit of a cheat)? I screwed up? I love you? My favorite – Happy Birthday Joyce (yea, ok. that’s too personal). Thanks for your wishes Gerry! J

  3. Matt says:

    Nah, that middle word isn’t offensive. It’s closer to necessary in most instances. 🙂

  4. Darrin says:

    And as in most cases, if you just say it the moment the realization hits you (and everyone else) it has a far greater sincerity and impact than after rattling off your concern for the safety of local fauna.

    Maybe the theme should have been “The Festival of Lights 2010 : For the Birds!”

  5. Kevin says:

    wow, that looked truly awful, you know things are bad when people can’t even string lights together anymore,bummer. Only thing worse than that sad display was the cringe inducing spin,some of my other favs, “it’s a process”, c’mon no it’s not “this isn’t a one night stand” eek too much info, “we’re listening” if you have to say it, you clearly arent “as we light up the park, we are trying to keep it safe” this just sounds stupid,silly and counterintuitive.
    Too many Chefs on this one, just keep it simple, white lights and lots of them, never fails.

    • Gerry says:

      Unfortunately, the festival itself IS a one-shot deal. The day after Thanksgiving…flip on thousands of lights (wherever they are)…and watch people cheer and applaud. Really, it ain’t brain surgery. I know they have a rink coming…but as far as the FOL is concerned, it’s “better luck next year.”

      • Kevin says:

        Maybe Hartford could learn a lesson from Stamford,I thought it was an Onion headline, but ESPN is reporting that the city of Stamford will have Brian Cashman dressed as an Elf rappel down the side of a 22 story building and light a tree, if that isnt “dramatical” I dont know what is.

      • Gerry says:

        Holy s**t, that’s for real! I just checked. Saw it earlier today and thought it was a joke.

  6. NancyB says:

    The three little words using the nasty one in the middle was the first thing that popped into my head!
    I couldn’t figure out what they were thinking to go from all those brilliant lights in Constitution Plaza to (what I saw on tv was) a nearly empty park with a tree.
    To top it off they kept emphasizing that three garages were free AFTER 5pm but yet the tree lighting was at 5:45pm. I envisioned hundreds of cars attempting to cut each other off trying to get into the garage after 5pm and parked and over to the park so they wouldn’t miss the lighting.

  7. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    After a quarter century working in advertising and marketing communications I’ve come to believe that artists become artists because they are creative, not because they are rational.

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