Get Back

It’s the day after Apple’s latest most important announcement in the history of the world.  You can now buy Beatles music on iTunes.

You might think anyone who is interested would already own the music, and you might be wrong.  The lads are already selling quite well.

And now for a slice of irony pie.  On the day the Beatles became available for digital download, I opened an email from Panasonic touting holiday gift ideas on sale.

And wouldn’t you know that front and almost center on this email, they’re offering what they call an “AM/FM Pocket Radio.”  ($9.95 retail, mine for $7.75.) 

This is what we used to call a “transistor radio.”  This is what we used to listen to Beatles music on when they were fresh, new, and semi-radical.

In 1964.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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25 Responses to Get Back

  1. richb06092 says:

    The mid sixties was a magical period in music, particularly due to the British Invasion. Seemed like every week a new group was spotlighted on the Ed Sullivan show which made it “must see TV” even back then.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hmm…isn’t there a saying or a line of a song that goes something like this: “Everything old is new again”? I think this applies quite nicely. This reminds me of when my daughter informed me several years ago that she’d discovered a wonderful singer. When questioned who it might be, she informed me that his name was/is Tony Bennett!! Love it!

  3. Shar says:

    I always carried a transistor radio with me wherever I went when I was a kid. I loved that wonderful musical part of my life. I listened to WDRC AM at that time and learned so many songs and words back then. What a great machine!

  4. Melissa says:

    Is it weird that i’m 27 and have The Beatles on Vinyl? I think it’s the only way to listen to them

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m more of a Julian Lennon fan, is his catalog available?

  6. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    It’s absolutely amazing how John Lennon burst on the scene and, almost overnight, made everyone completely forget about his talented sisters.

  7. Bob Friedman says:

    Much of that earlier music sounded better on those transistor radios – particular on a summer evening on a beach at the Cape – than they sound now on more accurate players.

    Or was it that our ears worked better back then?

  8. Steve L says:

    Lost my hearing to WBCN in Boston. Funny, you didn’t hear many Beatles songs on that station. More likely to hear “Moving to Montana” than “I am the Walrus”.

  9. Terry says:

    I still have a transistor radio and USE IT. Its outlasted any other new gadget I’ve purchased

  10. My first transister radio was robins egg blue. It was the size of a cell phone. I took it to bed with me and listened to ” Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Phil Dee and Bud Stone on WHYN, Springfield were my magical mystery tour guides as I listened to that new British group whose haircuts sparked much panic among the barbers in town.

    • richb says:

      Phil Dee and Bud Stone…Didn’t Bud Stone have this gimmick involving membership into becoming “a Pern”? Only vaguely recall that as I used to instead listen to WSPR’s Jack Diamond (later Sandy Beach at ‘DRC) on my little black Realistic transistor radio from Radio Shack.

  11. J A Scott says:

    It has a slide-rule analog tuner?! That alone may be enough to make me buy one. Does it also have a mono earphone jack?

    In the early/mid-’60s, I, too, listened to my AM-only transistor radio in bed after “lights out” – would sneak it under my pillow. And I was fascinated to be able to pick up stations from far-off places like Detroit/Windsor, Ontario (rock/pop music – CKLW, I think) on the dial next to local WABC-AM in NYC , which sometimes played records that I had not yet – or never – heard on local stations.

    • Gerry says:

      Ahhh, CKLW 20/20 news. The creme de la creme of top-40 radio news. (“He picked up a Louisville Slugger and proceeded to bat a thousand on his head!)

  12. Bob says:

    I really like these topics…nice break from the day…it’s a little addictive…

    I have an old pick up… standard with a stick shift whose knob comes off in your hand…the radio is broken…I have had an old transitor radio that I bought at a tag sale which I have to hold at weird angles to work …antenna extended…holding a cup of coffee…(maybe a bacon and egg sandwich )…especially on Saturday mornings …weekly trip to the landfill.

    There is something nice about that part of the weekend…
    I have a habit of leaving the radio on…
    I wish batteries were cheaper.

    If oinly ba

  13. Bill says:

    >CKLW 20/20 news..

    That news jingle (also used on WRKO) is my ringtone. Found it at the CKLW tribute site. 🙂

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