Conference Call

As sportsguy extraordinaire Joe D’Ambrosio was touting the NBC Connecticut high school game of the week, I heard him mention the Pequot Sassacus conference.  I don’t follow high school sports as closely as others, so I was unfamiliar with the name.

Come to discover the Pequot Conference has two divisions:  Sassacus and Uncas, named for Indian chiefs, as the conference itself is named for a tribe.  Cool.  Football and history collide.

Checking other conferences, the Central Connecticut Conference has a boring name and boring division names (I, II, III, IV).  The Constitution State Conference reminds me of license plates.  The Eastern Connecticut Conference comes in sizes (Small, Medium, Large).  The Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference divisions are geographic (East, Central, West), but who wants to say they play in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference?  Even FCIAC is a mouthful.  The Southern Connecticut Conference breaks itself down into Division 1 East and West and  Division 2 East and West.  Zzzzzz.  At least the Southwest Conference gets creatively provincial with its Colonial and Patriot conferences.

And finally, there’s a rival for the Pequot Conference.  The Naugatuck Valley League.  Two divisions:  Copper and Brass, symbolic of the heritage of the Valley, of the factories where their grandfathers and great-grandfathers made a living.

I propose the champions of the Pequot Conference and Naugatuck Valley League square off in a contest.  An essay contest.  About the history behind the names of their conferences.

That’ll separate the men from the boys.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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