Cigar Guy

He was standing in the gallery on the right when a photographer named Mark Pain took this memorable shot during the Ryder Cup.

Who’s the dude with the strange wig and the cigar?  That’s what everyone wanted to know once they finished looking at the golf ball headed right for the lens.  He was dubbed “Cigar Guy.”

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Turns out he’s a 30-year-old investment analyst who lives with his parents in South London.  His name is Rupesh Shingadia, and he said his only intention was to pay tribute to cigar chomping Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, who does not look like your average PGA Tour professional.

Instead, he’s become a rock star of sorts.  Fun stuff.


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One Response to Cigar Guy

  1. rick says:

    And the key words are ” living with your parents” Nuff said!

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