My Cap

The one sitting on my head in the banner picture of the blog.  I love it.

It’s simple as a cap can be.  Off-white, flexible, and best of all, unmarked.  Logo free. 

We came together at the off-price Nordstrom Rack in Scottsdale, AZ a few years ago.  We’ve run errands around the corner, and we’ve traveled the world.  But on our trip a couple of weeks ago, my wife looked at it, and said, “Enough.”

I couldn’t argue.  It is disintegrating.

The physical evidence.

I have other unmarked caps, but they’re not the same.  I have a fitted Red Sox cap, but that’s only for very special occasions.  I’ve taken the Hartford Colonials cap given to me by Coach Chris Palmer for a few spins.  Most people don’t know what the logo stands for. 

I will not throw out my favorite cap.  It will sit on the shelf in its deflated state.

It won’t see any more golf courses.  It won’t even go to the gas station or grocery store anymore. 

But we will go to the beach.  We have a very good friend in Wethersfield we call “Monsieur Burt” because we actually met on the French side of St. Martin.  Monsieur Burt wore a cap on the beach that evolved into little more than a scrap of cloth over the years.

I like that.  That is my plan.  That is what will happen.  And when the time is right…it will depart with the tide.  Somewhere.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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18 Responses to My Cap

  1. Beckie says:

    hmmm….Do you think fabric glue might close up those seams? It dries clear. You’d put it on like caulking, then let it dry.
    Or maybe a little of that iron-on stuff (Stitch Witchery, I think it’s called. If you go to JoAnn’s ETC, I’m sure they’ll direct you to the stuff.) I’m not sure you could find a color match though. Fabric glue is available at Walmart and Target, too. Not sure about the other stuff.

  2. hendu says:

    Remember old hats never die, they just fade away.

  3. richb says:

    I have a old golf hat from the long gone Canton GC. The plastic adjuster in the back is long gone, the stitching on the front now reads ” Cant__ G_lf” (I think it’s trying to tell me something subliminally) and has sweat stains ringing the headband. And every time I look at it it makes me smile.

  4. pete says:

    somewhere, someone is paying extra for a cap that looks like that off the shelf because it is “fashionable”… i say wear it with pride gerry.

  5. If it were a Minnesota cap, you could give it a Viking funeral

  6. Mary says:

    It must be a guy thing, I thought you had gotten a hold of my husbands favorite cap. I still can’t believe he wears it, can’t tell you how many times he’s washed it, hoping to bring back (?) the not so disgusting look…….. Good thing there are only 25 others to choose from in the closet. Perhaps it was the tone your wife used, I’ll have to practice, it gives me hope that we to can retire Michael’s cap as well. Very proud of you Gerry.

  7. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Requiescat in armario.

  8. Graham says:

    I don’t wear caps unless the weather is incredibly bad. I think it’s a “left over” hangup from my childhood orange cap. My mother always said it made my ears stick-out.
    Hey, Mom, it wasn’t the cap’s fault………….my ears stuck out!
    Oh well, with the “thinning top” thing I have going, looks like it might be cap time again soon.

    Now, which box in the attic holds that treasure? Maybe we’ll look this weekend.

  9. Wendy says:

    I think old caps/hats are the same as good, soft, worn out, old pair of jeans. There’s something really comfy about ’em. I say “Wear it every now and then with pride.” Don’t want it to fall apart completely. Break in another cap gradually to get the brim just right. There is a plastic gizmo to put a cap into, and you can actually wash it in the dishwasher (top rack) with no harm done! Used it for my son’s favorite hat for years. Makes new hats “old” and old hats new ~ at least clean.

  10. Kevin says:

    that’s merely a flesh wound, nothing a little camo duct tape can’t fix.

  11. I have a pathetic collection of baseball style caps I used to hang on a hat rack near the front door. Since we rescued him, Oliver has eaten three caps. He sees the rack of hats as we’d see a rack of lamb. I wouldn’t mind so much, but the caps he’s eaten are ( were ) my faves. A Wimbledon cap. A cap my wife brought back from Indian Wells, near palm Springs. She got Rafa Nadal’s autograph and all I got was a damn cap. But I loved that cap. Last cap Oliver ate was my Phillies cap. Im not a Phil’s fan by any means. But the hat helped me strike up some conversations with people who are from Philadelphia. People who would, on the whole, be down here than up there in the City of Brotherly Love. Yes, the cap reminded me of that W.C. Fields line. But now it’s gone.

    The only hat I have on the ( very top of ) the rack now is a straw cowboy hat. Oliver gives it a look every now and then, but so far hasn’t jumped up to get it.

  12. Terry says:

    First may I say I love your blog…. I’m from CT now living in Mesa AZ.
    If you want another hat from Norstrom’s let me know, Love that place!! LOL

  13. Just don’t get it too doity!

  14. Gerry says:

    What I love about all the comments is that the guys said what I figured the guys would say, and vice versa.
    And Terry, thanks for checking in from Arizona. The brand name on the cap is “Weatherproof.” If you see one, grab it and let me know. Thanks!

  15. Terry says:

    To…JA Scott….. Yea but there is nothing like finding it at one of these bargain places!!!!

    Gerry I’m on the case. I may be heading there sometime this next week so I’ll put on my sherlock holmes cap (no pun intended) and will be on the lookout. I’ll be back in the east at Christmas so if I find one from now until then IT YOURS! PERSONALLY DELIVERED.

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