Of Primary Concern

Connecticut’s primary elections are next Tuesday. 

The end of the Malloy-Lamont and Foley-Fedele “%#$& you”; “No, %#$&  you ads.  (It’s hard to be overly critical of ads that pay the mortgage.) 

I suppose I’ll really miss Peter Schiff’s ad featuring Linda McMahon making believe she’s kicking some wrestling dude in the cojones.)

But the ad I’ll miss the most is the one featuring Rob Simmons announcing he’s back in the U.S. Senate race.  It’s a simple ad.  But I’m fascinated by the hand gestures.  He points to his heart, he points to his head, and then he points to…wherever.

Watch it with the sound down, and mimic the hand gestures.  It’s almost a workout.

Coming Wednesday:  the championship round of political advertising.  (Baby wants a hot tub!)


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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9 Responses to Of Primary Concern

  1. I’m at the point in which I have to change the channels when the ads come on now. Then get upset if they are on the channel I change to. How far is it to November?

  2. pete says:

    i also noticed that rob simmons ad. it is hilarious to watch him string together buzz-words and video clips with no attempt at all to segway between them. it’s like they don’t even try anymore. just make a list of things i support… don’t forget puppies and apple pie!

  3. Beckie says:

    Does he even make the sign of the cross in there????

    I am SO sick of taking my mail in and having slick, glossy junk mail from Linda McMahon. Today. there were two. Yesterday only one. The day before was three. Combined with the computerized calls we get from her every day, all the tv spots, all the Web ads….it’s odd she considers herself “fiscally conservative.”
    As for Peter Schiff, I just had a disagreement w/hubby, who insisted his name was NOT Peter, but Adam. I made him Google “Adam Schiff.” (Adam Schiff was the original DA on Law & Order.) Score one for me. 🙂

  4. Jeff says:

    Is it my imagination, or is the mud-slinging even worse in this cycle?
    You can almost construct a generic script for a political ad . . . it goes something like this . . .
    Dark picture of political opponent is displayed on screen in an unflattering pose while evil sounding minor-chord music drones in background.
    [Opponent’s name] wants you to believe that (s)he is human but just look at the facts. [Opponent’s name] voted to allow puppies to be tortured and killed, and supports a constitutional amendment that would require the takeover of all mom-and-pop convenience stores by the government. In fact, [Opponent’s name] spelled their name incorrectly on their driver’s license application, and was forced by the Department of Motor Vehicles to submit an amended application.
    Is this the kind of person Connecticut needs as [Title of Elected Office] ?”
    Color intensity is goosed up, the picture becomes brighter, inspiring band music begins to play and an image of the candidate kissing a baby and shaking the hand of a disabled veteran fades in.
    “You have a choice on election day. [Candidate’s name] is not an old-world politician, [Candidate’s name] is the change we need in [ Hartford / Washington ]. An independent thinker, [Candidate’s name] will cut taxes, bring jobs back to our communities, support small businesses, restore mom and pop’s store, and bring euthanized puppies back to life!
    Let your voice be heard! Vote for [Candidate’s name] the [Progressive / Conservative ] change we need!
    Paid for by the [Candidate’s name] for [Title of Elected Office] committee.
    [Image of candidate in crisp business attire, smiling for the camera . . . “I’m [Candidate’s name], and I approved this message!”

    I will be so glad when this election is over.

    So glad.

  5. G.M.Duclos says:

    I must say McMahon’s ads are very slick, very entertaining. Hmmm, me thinks she has some WWE people working for her.

  6. jim says:

    If we took ALL the money spent just on the slick mailers and TV ads from the candidates we would have NO hungry children in this state!And this is only the primaries!

  7. Play the commercial backwards and in sign language it says I miss the graft and corruption in Washington..I want back in…..

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