Neon Philharmonic

The Citgo sign in Boston is about to get a makeover.

By the way, I hope you didn’t think I was referring to The Neon Philharmonic, one hit wonders from the sixties.  But if you were, here is their one hit, “Morning Girl.”


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to Neon Philharmonic

  1. sharbeth says:

    This was cruel to send so late or should I say early in the morning. I’ve got this song stuck in my head now. How am I going to go to sleep now? Oh Jerry, I thought you liked me! I didn’t even drive Lisa nuts last week at the Petit Family Foundation Run! I was a good girl.

    Ok, maybe it was my eyes, but I didn’t see any change in the Citgo sign. I really should try to get some sleep. Have a special weekend coming up which I am looking forward to.

    Can you believe that Hartford is 325 years old? Why is it that right now at this particular time it’s how old I feel.

    Thanks for the song!

  2. Donna Palmes says:

    In college, I dated a DJ from WPOP who worked the graveyard shift. Every morning before he signed off, he played Morning Girl for me……Oh, Gerry!!!

  3. Cat says:

    ~QQ~ looks a tad green to me…..
    Love the one hit wonder, great way to start the day. : )

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