The Problem with Facebook

As of this week, Facebook has 500,000,000 customers (that’s 500-million if, like me, you have a problem with a lot of zeros), and it seems a lot of them aren’t happy.

Facebook took a face plant in a big customer satisfaction survey, ranking right down there with airlines and the cable companies (though I hear nice things about Comcast).

There’s a lot of talk about privacy and spam issues, but that’s only so much bat guano.  I think a lot of Facebook users are mad because they’re addicted to Facebook. 

Paging Dr. Drew Pinsky!  (You’re not a celebrity?  Never mind.  Dr. Drew doesn’t help the great unwashed masses of non-celebrity.  That would be a complete waste of his talent and expertise.  But I digress.) 

When I joined Facebook, I was temporarily sucked into its vortex.  But somehow, I summoned the strength to extract myself from its digital tentacles, and now I consume in moderation.

You'd smile too.

I also think Facebook users are disgruntled because they’ve made a billionaire of the website’s 26 year old founder, Mark Zuckerberg. 

Filthy rich at 26.  Thanks to you.  And you.  And you.  And me.



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7 Responses to The Problem with Facebook

  1. Linda says:

    Thank goodness not thanks to me! The only thing I’m addicted to is chocolate. A billionaire at 26? I sure hope he knows how to pay it forward.

  2. Beckie says:

    You’ve heard nice things about Comcast???? Who ya been listening to?????

    “My name is Beckie and I’m a Facebook addict.” Love that I’ve been able to connect with old friends and “lost” family. And gaming! Whoa! Never considered myself a gamer till FB game along.

  3. Sue D says:

    One of my FB friends was credited with liking “Golf”, which was a link… I clicked on the link, and every comment that mentioned the word golf posted by everyone I know was on that site… What’s up with THAT?!? It automatically pulls the word from everyone’s comments? I have my privacy settings really high, but I don’t know if all my golf comments end up there… yikes!

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