You Can’t Beat a Dead Horse

But you can sell it!

The cable channel RFD-TV has purchased Roy Rogers’ stuffed horse Trigger at auction for more than $266,000.  (Apparently, the money really is in cable.)

Trigger's on the move. Sorta.

Fortunately, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans themselves received proper burials.  Othwerwise, “The King of the Cowboys” and “The Queen of the West” might have gone on permanent display too.

RFD-TV calls itself “Rural America’s Most Important Network.”  They say Rogers reflects the company’s values.

Roy was married three times;  Dale four.  Their real names were Leonard Slye and Lucille Smith.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly are those RFD-TV values?


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8 Responses to You Can’t Beat a Dead Horse

  1. G.M.Duclos says:

    Don’t marry your 1st cousin.

  2. Well, I think “Trigger” is a safer bet than “Imus” was!! And, he can’t insult Arabians.

  3. James says:

    That is a comment worthy of the late George Carlin.

  4. What, you asked, are RFD’s values?
    Um, “Image is everything,” perhaps?
    I guess they look at it as a PR investment. And we are discussing RFD-TV so, from that perspective, they are getting some attention (albeit, more in the way of notoriety).
    But over a quarter million dollars for a stuffed horse?!
    Somebody’s business savvy needs to be called into question.

  5. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Judging from Ole Trig’s position he died of the same thing that killed Nelson Rockefeller.

  6. Li'l Em-Kel says:


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