I’m Watching You

From the “In Case You Missed It” Department, here’s a fine piece of reporting by the Courant’s Daniela Altimari on political “trackers.”

They’re the people who keep cameras trained on politicians every minute they’re in public, hoping to catch any “misspoken” word that an opponent can turn into an attack ad. 

I tend to agree with the observation made by Fergus Cullen of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy on this issue.

“It has the negative effect of producing more robotic candidates who can never give you a candid response because they’re always afraid of saying the wrong things.”

Either way, it’s worth a read if you have a few minutes.


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5 Responses to I’m Watching You

  1. sharbeth says:

    I think it’s interesting, that the trackers that catch Richard Blumenthal saying something wrong they get a lollipop.

    It is true now, that if everybody has a ‘tracker’ then anybody who runs for office, will become a robot, give rehearesed comments, so how will we know where/what they stand for? So when are we supposed to believe what they are talking about, what their points are, where they stand?

    If there are trackers following the people running, are they showing up if there are debates or is the newspeople good enough for that?

  2. This world is getting way too weird. I wish I could say more about this but my handlers are telling me to…

    ( Handlers whisper in Mr. McCarthy’s ear )

    No comment.

  3. Scott says:

    Ehh…you can’t trust any of these bozos that are professional politicians. They are all working for the soundbite now, not anything of substance. Heck, most of the time they seem to be simply a face for their handlers (err…I mean “advisers”) policies.

    This is politics today. What is the point of the debates where the questions (or topics) are known ahead of time? Let’s have a real debate where a candidate can be asked anything – nothing is told to them beforehand – and see how they do!

  4. sharbeth says:

    I don’t think anybody would meet for a debate if they have no clue what questions would be asked of them. It would show they are human, which they kind of want us to believe, but they can’t seem to prove it. Somebody else would just try to destroy them.

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