It Cost What?

As I retire early this evening, I’m chewing on the fact that I paid $16.39 for a single pill that I took today. 

Being a “guy,” I didn’t question it or give it any thought when I picked it up at the pharmacy the other day.  But after opening the bottle today and finding the one lonely pill, I looked at the receipt and discovered that I was about to consume a pill valued at $24.79.  (Your insurance saved you $8.40!)

I took it, and I suppose it did whatever it was supposed to do. 

But I think there ought to be a law that if you take a pill that costs almost $25.00, you should achieve some kind of euphoric state, if only briefly, to make it really worth the money.  (Even if “Your insurance saved you $8.40!”)

That seems only fair, doesn’t it?


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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17 Responses to It Cost What?

  1. Wow, Gerry.
    I had no idea Viagra was that expensive!
    Good luck with it, though.

  2. stratos Bonos says:

    the euphoria should have been felt at the register… did you miss it 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    Has it been four hours yet? 🙂

  4. Christine says:

    I got fungus from a tanning bed (my last trip ever) and had to consume four pills, but to get them to work I had to sweat. Yes, sweat them out my pores. So in addition to four little pills I had to do one long workout. So it could be worse.

  5. sharbeth says:

    You just made me feel better 🙂 I picked up two doses of Imetrix in the injection form. That was $40.00 for both doses, so it’s $20.00 per dose. Gee whiz, that makes me so happy! Glad my Dr. didn’t give me the normal four doses at a time.

    Not that I plan on having a migraine soon, but I did get one after the chemo treatment last week.

    Oh yeah, having the insurance saved me $5.67.

  6. Alex says:

    Really, that comes in pills now?

    • sharbeth says:

      If you are asking about the Imitrex? It comes in pills, nasal spray and the injections. The pills, and nasal spray doesn’t work for me. So I get to do the injections.

  7. G.M.Duclos says:

    I’m with you 100% Ger.

  8. Scott says:

    A coworker of mine had brain cancer last year and his chemo pills cost $250 each. He has since recovered and I remember him telling us he had to fight with the insurance company to get them covered.

    Side note (and completely separate/political topic) – I always wondered how doctors who have never seen you (i.e. the ones making decisions/policy in insurance companies) can tell you what is better for you than your doctor that is treating you. Just solidifies my belief that insurance is the biggest scam in American history (you pay for protection in case something happens but if nothing happens, you don’t get your money back. Then, when something happens, you have to pay more for that protection).

  9. sharbeth says:

    I love it when you get charged for a Dr. ‘visit’ while you are in the hospital, and you never saw the Dr. All he did was walk by your room, say ‘hello’ and that was it.

    I had been in the hospital a few years ago, and the person next to me had passed away, and we happen to have the same Dr. I had gotten charged for a Dr’s visit, even though he went to my roommate to prounouce her dead. I tried to fight that charge, but my Dr. said that he ‘saw’ that I was removed from the room so that I wouldn’t go into a high depression mood.

    I get a vitiamin B12 shot every month, I’m charged for a Dr’s visit, as well as ‘surgery’ and medication. I never see the Dr. for this, it is always a nurse. I’m not sure how be given an injection that lasts for maybe a minute is surgery.

  10. I worked in a hospital so you can trust me when I say this ( I also worked as an ad man, but disregard that part )

    My advice: Disregard the warnings on the med label. Swallow the pill. Then go ahead, have a cold one and chase it with a finger or two of our mutual friend Jack. Or Johnny. You might not BE better, but you’ll FEEL better.

  11. Cat says:

    Gosh Gerry,
    Did the pharmacist at least give you a kiss, its usually nice to get a smooch before,,, well you know…..
    Friday evening I ended up in the ER myself here in Ct.
    1 bag of IV, 2 tubes of blood and oh yes the ever exciting plastic cup!
    4 hours later (well after midnight I might add) one gets the all clear & follow up with your doctor.
    Now being an RN working Hospice (out of state) I never see the antics that go on in the ER. I will say the phrase “street em & treat em” holds true for this hospital.
    I can’t wait to see the bill for those 4 hours of my life I will never get back..
    Wonder just how much my insurance company will have “saved me”???
    Be well Gerry, cherish that little pill///

  12. Gerry:

    Just ask “Rush”!!!

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