I Suppose If You Insist

Just checking the email after a day off, and this was among the missives I missed.  For the uninitiated, it’s a Facebook invitation.

Rachel Lutzker suggested you like Rachel Lutzker.

It just doesn’t look right, does it?  But what the hell, Gerry Brooks suggests you like Gerry Brooks.

And if you don’t, c’est la vie. 



About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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26 Responses to I Suppose If You Insist

  1. Linda says:

    What a great suggestion! It’s a much better suggestion than my employer has for today. Today is clean-up day. Woo-hoo! It is suggested that we clean up our work area. Luckily, I’m a neat as a pin type of person, so I don’t have much to clean up! Hope you get to enjoy the nice weekend.

  2. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Li’l Em-Kel insists you like Li’l Em-Kel.

  3. Beckie says:

    I tried, but I get what looks like your personal page and asks if I want to send a friend request, which I doubt is what you meant. Oddly, we do have a friend in common (I forgot she works at NBC30.)

  4. Well, I know I like Gerry Brook and Rachel Lutzker. I did get an invite from somebody who has been on my friend list for about 6 months (I forgot since I now have 855 friends or at least I think that is what it was last night.

    I will deny an invite from Mayor Perez though.

    • Beckie says:

      I deny anyone who’s name I don’t recognize and doesn’t give me a personal note about how I should know him/her. (I play games on FB so I get requests from people who want to be my “neighbor” for example.)

  5. rick says:

    What’s a Rachel Lutzker ????

  6. Thank you Gerry, my brother Jerry, isn’t too happy with me, so I was hoping you would say you like me!

  7. Cat says:

    Too funny………
    Lets see, last I knew Ms Lutzker was on: Say Yes To The Dress, a radio station, Jumped ship with Channel 3, dog paddled over to 61, also is doing slap stick automobile ads, plus telling us where to she purchased her replacement windows for her new home.
    Such a busy bee….
    You are very well liked Gerry, never have to worry on that one, you aren’t one to play the celebrity game, just a down to earth guy who tells it like it is.
    Enjoy the weekend now.

  8. Wendy says:

    I already liked Gerry before he suggested it! Apparently I have great taste!

  9. rick says:

    Oh, That Rachel Lutzker……….. Don’t like her!

  10. J A Scott says:

    Is there more than one?

  11. Geno says:

    What’s not to like. Keep doing what you do, Gerry — it makes better for all of us.

  12. Geno says:

    I meant to say “it makes ‘life’ better for all of us. One too many sangrias on the Sheehan deck.

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks, Geno. And one too many sangrias on the deck is the way it should be one a weekend like this.
      Ironically, I bumped into Rachel Saturday at the golf tournament. Like works in strange ways.

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