Dollar Seins

For the stat freaks among us, try this on for size:  “Seinfeld” has reportedly made $2.7 billion dollars since it left NBC’s air 12 years ago.

According to this article, each of the 174 episodes has taken in more than $14 million.  Clearly, co-creators Jerry Seinfeld (“The Marriage Ref”) and Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) work only to amuse themselves and because they’re too young to do nothing.

What’s most impressive about $einfeld isn’t the dollar signs, though.  It’s that the show, by and large, isn’t dated.  Sure, Jerry’s computer is primitive and they don’t use cell phones (though I would have loved to see their take on today’s technology), but the humor remains uncannily fresh.

In the words of George Costanza, “Do you ever get down on your knees and thank God you know me and have access to my dementia?”

Yes.  Yes I do.


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4 Responses to Dollar Seins

  1. G.M.Duclos says:

    ” they don’t use cell phones (though I would have loved to see their take on today’s technology)” You’d think they’d do a reunion just on that topic alone! Or an Ipad, it’d be too funny.

  2. Mary says:

    The reruns are a constant in our house, my husband’s laughter can be heard throughout the house and we know what he’s watching.

  3. Consistently hilarious. For years. And the shows are funnier on second and third watching. Writers. Actors. Maybe the best working in TV ever.

    OK. Somebody’s gonna throw The Carol Burnett Show at me.

    And Li’l em’s going to remind me of The Honeymooners. I stand by my pick.

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