Acquaintances Old and New

I’m not the most social person in the world, but the social media provided a couple of interesting turns in the last few days.

I just “met” someone new through the blog, only because this fellow blogger stumbled on mine by mistake.  If you take a moment to read this person’s post, you’ll see why it was a bright spot in what was a very busy weekend.  And perhaps we earned a new viewer along the way, which was the original intent of this not-so-literary effort three years ago.

And last week, Facebook ate my phone.  Somehow, I pressed the wrong button, and all 938 “friends” ended up on my phone list.  I love you all (really, mean it), but chances are we won’t be chatting anytime soon.  On a visit to the Verizon store, I was explaining the problem, when I again pressed the wrong button, and I found myself talking to Alex, a producer I last worked with in 1994.

I explained to him what happened, and later dropped him a note on Facebook apologizing for the disruption.  Alex wrote back, and filled me in on his life, which, after escaping television news, turned into an existence of beauty, wonder, and a significant contribution to humankind.   

Maybe I will call each and every Facebook “friend.” 



About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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11 Responses to Acquaintances Old and New

  1. James says:

    Gerry – Instant communications has pluses and minuses. It’s great for letting people know what you’re doing with a minimum of effort but, as you learned, hitting the wrong button can bring unintended results.

    A couple of years ago a former colleague of mine responded to an email from me commenting that our boss was generally unencumbered knowledge, coupled with the complete inability to communicate what little he did know. Unfortunately, he selected the ‘Reply to All’ button instead of the ‘Reply’ button so that the other 60 or so people on the original distribution list also received his comment to me. Which of course leads us to why he’s a former colleague…

    Beware the unintended consequences!! 😉

  2. Mary says:

    I don’t know why there isn’t a message like on the computer ” are you sure” before it’s to late. For the longest time I would send blank text messages, my niece would get a good laugh out of it. Old dog and new tricks speaks volumes.

  3. Dan McCarthy says:

    I’ve had my phone number on my Facebook profile pretty much since I started using it 3 years ago. Exactly one Facebook friend has called me since then.

  4. Gerry,

    First off, thanks for the plug for the company I worked for 13 years! Just think, if I didn’t work for them, I wouldn’t have moved from NY to CT and I never would have ‘met’ you.

    Now how come you don’t want to call all of your Facebook friends? I know it would take a while to do that. You might be late to do your show, unless you do it after your show, so you would have to do it after the show. Then it would keep you awake for a long time. Hmm ok, so that, won’t work. Well, you would need to choose your favorite friends. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!

  5. Thank you for linking to my blog, Gerry, and I’m glad my post was a bright spot for you over the weekend – as was yours for me! Have a good week!

  6. Oh, and thank you so much for adding Big Happy Nothing to your blog roll! I’m flattered!

  7. graham says:

    And this is why my phone is just for phone calls…….these “fancy” phones are just way too complicated for me.

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