Holy Smokes!

So I’m standing in line at the gas station convenience store, waiting to buy a pack of gum, staring into the fluorescent light, thinking of…well…not a damn thing.

The young woman in front of me, delightfully decorated with colorful tattoos, was holding a baby in a carrier.  She bought a pack of cigarettes.  I was stunned.

What?  That a young mother was smoking?  Nah.  That’s her business.

I was stunned to hear that the cigarettes were $9.10 a pack, plus tax!  I had no idea!  I used to smoke Merits, and the clerk told me they were $9.40! 

I’ve totally lost track since I gave ’em up a couple of years ago (when they cost 6-something a pack).  I figure I’m saving $6,862 dollars had I not broken the old two-pack-a-day habit.

So that makes me healthier and wealthier. 

I’m still working on the wiser.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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14 Responses to Holy Smokes!

  1. I am sorry, but I don’t understand why cigarettes are sold in gas stations since that really is one of the last places you should light up. Plus with her having a baby, that’s another ‘strike’ against her.

    I admit that I used to smoke, but I was the worst smoker, bad enough I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, I only would smoke once a day until the day I found out that I was pregnant.

    My family and I had an old fashioned 5 & 10 (yep, showing my age here), and we sold cigarettes by the pack and the carton. When the packs went up to $3.00 our customers got so upset! Cartons were I think $10.00. I would tease some of my local customers about smoking and if they put their ‘smoking’ money in a jar at home they could be saving up for a vacation.

    I think you are wiser to know not to buy a pack!

  2. pete says:

    fortunately, america’s finest news source has the story covered. http://www.theonion.com/articles/new-ecofriendly-cigarettes-kill-destructive-human,17529/

  3. Alex says:

    Don’t tell anyone, but I pay 11.50 a pack for Northfield Naturals.

    They’re the Canadian version of American spirits, and they’re the best cigarettes I’ve ever smoked. But they’re comically expensive.

  4. Kathryn D. says:

    You may in fact add “wiser”! You must be so glad you gave up that habit! That’s at least the $$$ of two caribean trips for two! 🙂

  5. graham says:

    I support the “don’t smoke – take a vacation” plan!

  6. Mary says:

    I think we’re all still working on the wiser part, we’re just brave enough to admit it.

  7. Bill from Billings says:

    I am getting old. Flash Back: 1972! I’m attending college in Biddeford, Maine- St. Francis College. I smoked Camel Regulars- 2 1/2 packs a day. The best price per carton was at the rotary in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Every two weeks I’d drive to Portsmouth to “make my connection”.
    Here WAS the Pricing:
    4 Cartons at $4.50= $18.00
    Gas- 3 Gallons= .96.
    Tolls- Maine Pike: .70
    Total: $19.64

    I quit smoking June 21, 1975 at 11:00 P.M. I miss it every single day….but I’m alive…

  8. My dad used to work at Kaman in Bloomfield (this is going back over 30 years ago), they weren’t supposed to smoke in the plant, yet, with my dad being a Quality Control Expert, he was allowed to smoke. I have no clue why, but he was. He smoked two packs a day. The thing is, that there were lines painting all around his desk which became a ‘smoking area’ for everybody else.

    Years later, dad was given the choice of either continue smoking or risk your life. My dad quit cold turkey that day. Never had another cigarette again. As for my mom,,, she was the harder one to convince to get her to quit. My brothers promised her vacations, furs, jewlery, you name it, my brothers offered her. One brother used to put the little ‘bombs’ in her cigarettes in which when you lit them the would do a small ‘pop’ with smoke. It took her another four years to quit. She hasn’t had one since then.

    My favorite two stories though about smoking have to do with one of my brothers. When he started to smoke, he would only do it in the bathroom. I guess he figured with a window being in there it would take care of the smoke, but everytime he came out, there was smoke coming from the room. Hey I never said he was smart!

    The other story is about he and a cousin of ours. Every summer most of my family would spend summers in the Catskills in bungalo cabins. In this one place they stayed there was a hotel in which my brother and cousin stayed (they paid for the room from their job working in chicken coops). Well, one day our grandmother was standing outside of the hotel saying loudly “Oy, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the boys room, I think I’ll go up and see them”, and you would see smoke coming from all the windows in their room, as well as cigarettes butts being thrown out the windows.

    Now you have to understand, my grandmother was about 5 feet tall, my brother was 6 feet, as was my cousin, yet when you heard my grandmothers voice get louder when she climbed up the stairs, you couldn’t help but laugh, because we knew the boys were in trouble.
    My brother and cousin never smoked in the hotel again! I don’t know where they did it, but it wasn’t anywhere our grandmother could find it.

    As for the money that was saved, I’m not sure if that helped pay for my parents 35th wedding anniversay cruise. I’d like to think it did!

  9. I’ve seen people smoking and using cell phones as they fill er up. Getting to the point where I’ll look like a character in The Hurt Locker as I go for gas.

    I remember when I was a kid buying cigs for my parants. 35 cents for a pack of Salems.

    • Gerry says:

      Same here. I remember my mother giving me 2 quarters and riding my bike to get her 2 packs of….hmmmmm….you know, I’m not sure. Parliaments? But I do remember the person at the drug store saying, “I know what your Mom smokes.” My, how times have changed.

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