Where Did I Put That Word?

This post is neither a defense of Richard Blumenthal nor an indictment.  It is a suggestion that we should treat the language better and say what we mean.

Blumenthal said he “misplaced words” when he said he served in Vietnam, rather than during Vietnam. 

If I misplace “Connecticut,” and insert “Nightly,” I’m Gerry Brooks, anchor of NBC Nightly News.  But I’m Gerry Brooks, anchor of NBC Connecticut News.  The difference is a few million viewers and a few million dollars.  (Not that Brian doesn’t earn every penny.)

On that note, let’s salute Campbell Brown, former NBC Newsworthy, for explaining why she’s leaving her primetime program on CNN:

“The simple fact is that not enough people want to watch my program, and I owe it to myself and to CNN to get out of the way so that CNN can try something else.”

Isn’t that refreshing?

Words are the currency I work with.  They have great value.  Used properly, they can inform and illuminate.  Used poorly, they can distort and destroy.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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10 Responses to Where Did I Put That Word?

  1. Linda says:

    I was very impressed with Campbell Brown’s entire statement regarding her departure from CNN. I just hope a couple of months from now we don’t find out it was all a lie. I try to ignore politics as much as possible, but Blumenthal’s gaffe seems to be bothering me more than it should. It is amazing how one little word – “in” vs. “during”, can affect someone’s life. Words do have great value. We need to respect them more.

  2. Amy says:

    Well put. But that’s the whole point of the post, right?

  3. graham says:

    I’ve always thought Campbell Brown was a class act and I think this proves it again.

  4. Joan says:

    I’m very disappointed with Mr. Blumenthal. I thought he was different and wasn’t one of the “typical” politicians, who will say whatever they think you want to hear, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve got to say, as well, that I have always liked Campbell Brown but rarely watched her show on CNN, but thought that her frank announcement was very refreshing. No BS, just the straight story (hopefully).

  5. WeatherMom says:

    Kudos to Campbell. I always enjoyed watching her on weekends on Today. No inflated ego there…just refreshing honesty. Hope an even better opportunity comes along for her.

  6. Lori says:

    Speaking of words! How about the word REFORM. Politicians have been reforming our health care system, Wall Street and everything else under the sun. How about reforming the “reformers”? Whatever happened to honesty and integrity among our politicians? How can one “misspeak” about serving in Vietnam? Could he possibly be a distant cousin to Hillary who “mistakenly” entered a country under “gun fire”? The difference between perception and reality is so great in these circumstances that logic would make one assume that “misspeaking” is actually lying.

  7. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    “Misplaced words,” Gerry? Not according to Christopher Keating of the esteemed Hartford Courant on May 19. Check out paragraph four.

    I agree with you. We should treat language better.


  8. I’ve never been a big fan of Rob Simmons, but he had a pretty good sound bite today. He said Blementhal says he ” misspoke. ”

    Simmons says, ” No. ”

    ” He misled. ”

    As Mark Twain said, it’s the difference between lightning and lightning bug.

    Words matter

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