Filled Up/Fed Up

We stopped on the Mass Pike to fill up today on the way home from a delightful Mother’s Day weekend.

Regular was $2.93 a gallon.  $2.93!  Keep going into Connecticut, and the first price I saw was $3.07.  Turns out Connecticut’s gasoline tax is 41.9¢ a gallon.  Massachusetts chews up 23.5¢ a gallon. 

Which got me to thinking.  (Not always a good thing.)

All of these candidates who say they want to run the state like a business?  Fine.  If you really want to run the state like a business, why not look into a merger?  Really.  Could Connecticut and Massachusetts become Connachusetts  or Massanecticut and save money by consolidating services and eliminating an entire state government?  Or, to borrow the name of a favorite local band, would that lead to MassConnFusion? 

Who says there has to be 50 states?  Huh?


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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21 Responses to Filled Up/Fed Up

  1. Dan McCarthy says:

    Do I get the cool accent if this happens?

  2. Ok, I have seen prices here in CT from $3.20 down to $2.86 in the same day, within 15 miles from one another. This isn’t even using what it would cost at Sam’s. Before I take a ride to NY, I fill up at Sams or BJ’s then fill up in NJ since even there it’s at least $0.40 less that the lowest cost in CT. Also in NJ, they fill your tank!

  3. Beckie says:

    I filled up at our Stop & Shop last week and with their gas prices and my card paid $2.23….a savings of .70/gallon. If S&S can do that and still make money, why are prices so high elsewhere?

  4. Chip Gorra says:

    I would suggest that everything west of Worcester consider joining up with Connecticut, since Boston doesn’t pay them any attention, anyway! Connecticut needs the scenery, and the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires need a capital closer to them than Boston!

  5. Connecticut should invade Massachusetts, and take over their gas stations.

    On second thought, we then would add our tax to theirs.

    Lets just buy gas in Massachusetts, we here in the NW Corner do!

  6. Chip Gorra says:

    Hartford as the capital of a new Western MA-CT merger? Why not? What’s the alternative? Northampton? Amherst? Springfield? I don’t THINK so! If Northampton was the capital, we’d all have to have rainbows on our license plates drive Priuses! If it was Amherst, we’d all be riding a bus and eating tofu, and it it was Springfield, imagine having to watch Channel 22 news! Perish the thought!

    • Gerry says:

      I’m open to giving Middletown a shot. They’re doing a great job on Main St., which is more than you can say for Hartford. (And don’t you be throwin’ no Adriaens Landing s**t at me, boy.)

  7. graham says:

    Twice a week we go to Massachusetts for work and save money before we even start just by filling up the car there. Not worth a separate trip, but……..

    What makes us think another state would want to merge with us?

    Let’s see, we have: high taxes, high unemployment, bad roads, ineffective government , and oh, ya, High Debt.

    Yup, there’s the recipe for success! Sorry Gerry, I don’t think you’ll get any takers for this one.

  8. graham says:

    Ah, now I get it……..

  9. Steve says:

    In the Northeast corner, we take care of both states. First we put two gallons of CT fuel at $3.09 in the tank (and CT gets its $.84 worth of taxes) and then we have enough in the tank to drive up to Sturbridge and fill the rest of the tank at $2.83 and save $6 a fill up. Everybody wins.

  10. Kevin says:

    This idea makes sense to me, misery loves company, lets make it happen!

  11. Kevin says:

    forgot to add, way to work in MassConnfusion , that had me cracking up.

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