“P” is for…Politics

The legislative session ends at midnight, and I am absolutely amazed and delighted at a singular development.

A lot of people under the golden dome in Hartford and political junkies in general are really into the waterless urinal backsplash problem I blogged about on Monday. 

How do I know?  Easy.  Tom Dudchik put a link to my post on his popular website, Capitol Report.  It just happened to strike his fancy, and he decided to throw it up against his digital wall to see if it would stick. 

American ingenuity. Stand tall and be proud. Well, at least stand tall.

It did.  The post got an inordinate number of hits, as did the link to the maker of the fix, Anti Splash International(I think they should send a year’s supply to World Headquarters, and to Tom if he happens to have a waterless urinal.)

I’m sure more than one of our elected officials took a gander at the post during a moment of down time this week.  (Though I realize nothing could possibly top “Katie Stevens Day.”)   So to the denizens of that grand building that sits high atop Bushnell Park, thank you for your patronage.

And make sure you wash your hands.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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One Response to “P” is for…Politics

  1. Gerry,

    You have got to stop making me laugh so hard!! It makes my right side (why just the right, I don’t know if it’s my appendix, it will have to wait to hurt much more until my son comes in on Saturday to visit me for Mother’s Day. Yes, I know it’s a day early, I guess it was ‘hinted’ to him for me not to come to NY to see my mom), and stomach hurt so much. So if my stomach hurts that means my lungs hurt since thanks to a hiatial hernia that is so large, my stomach is resting on my lungs. I know that isn’t your fault, and I would never do a “Jewish Mother Guilt” towards you. I did that to my mom tonight when I called her. It felt so good to do that! It doesn’t work with my son, but for some reason it works with my mom.

    Ok,,, back to you,,, like I had said in an earlier posting, I have never seen anything that long, well other than when I reply.

    Oh oh,,, does that mean I’m going to get in trouble from the wonderful Gold Dome? I love that building 🙂 I missed it so much when I lived in NY. Don’t make me go back there! Please!!

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