Did Your Parents Ever Have Sex?

The general manager of the Miami Dolphins has apologized to former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, for asking if his mother was a prostitute.

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Read all about it.


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20 Responses to Did Your Parents Ever Have Sex?

  1. Kevin says:

    way , way , way out of bounds, sounds like Jeff needs to answer some questions of his own.

  2. Lori says:

    Dez Bryant was considered one of the most talented wide receivers, if not the most talented, in college football. However, there were many questions considering his character and maturity to be an elite receiver. NFL teams invest millions of dollars, some guaranteed, in a high-level first round draft choice, so ability is not the only factor being considered. A crucial aspect is maturity to handle the intense pressure involved in performing at the high level expected of a high draft choice. Although the background of every potential first round draft choice is a critical factor, I do believe the question was insensitive and poorly worded and, with additional thought, could have been asked in a much more positive manner.

  3. Kevin says:

    money aside, it’s the NFL taking itself way too seriously, he’s a college kid who will be catching balls for a living, he’s not being vetted for a position in the Pentagon. Drafts are a crap shoot, no amount of questions will really offer insight on how well a player will handle the pros.
    The question lacks relevance to the task at hand, not to mention all tact, common decency, sense,etc.
    Lastly, it’s the granddaddy of all man laws, you never call another man’s mother a whore, which is what the question insinuates.

  4. Lori

    Are you a lawyer? A sports agent? A literary agent? If not, why not?

    Brilliant feedback. Brilliant.

  5. Ok, so I see the title of this blog, and I try to think of some great comebacks. Then I thought I better read the whole thing.

    Gerry, I’m glad to hear the National Football League did stand up for the player. There really should be something said or done to the GM’s or Owners (such as getting in major issues like giving the other owner the finger).

    As much as I would like to say that all the problems are with the players, but I can’t. Not after reading what the GM of the Dolphins and the owner giving the finger to the owner of the Bills.

    Time to give the higher ups what they need as well.

  6. James says:

    In one of the most memorable sports movies of all time, North Dallas Forty, when the owner asks Nick Nolte’s character ‘What about the team?’ Nolte responded with:”We’re not the team. You’re the team. We’re only the equipment – like the jockstraps and the helmets!”

    Clearly that sentiment is alive and well in the Dolphins boardroom today.

    Now we’ll have to wait and see if Roger Goodell will suspend Jeff Ireland for behavior detrimental to the sport. If he doesn’t then we’ll know that the rules only apply to the equipment (e.g., jockstraps, helmets and players).

  7. Not after I was born!

  8. Bob Porrazzo says:

    I am sorry to be the black sheep, but that question needed to be asked. And I have some back-up…


    “So, let me get this straight. Rush Limbaugh isn’t allowed to be a part owner of an NFL team because conservatism is “racism.” Yet, an NFL general manager can ask a black football player whether or not his mother was a prostitute. On the other hand, while the mainstream media wants you to believe the question was racist and in incredibly poor taste (but not illegal to ask, by the way), they’re not giving you the full story (including the race merchants and whiners at FOX News).

    If you’re gonna invest millions of dollars to pay a player on your team who is from America’s killing fields, the question is legit. Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asked the question of then-NFL hopeful Dez Bryant a month or so prior to last week’s NFL draft, when Miami was considering drafting the Oklahoma State wide receiver, who was expected to go in the first round (and was ultimately drafted by Dallas). Would you want to invest millions in someone with a troubled family background without doing due diligence and asking questions? We know about the heaps of NFL players from such backgrounds who end up committing crimes themselves and end up off the rosters or suspended from games.

    And, as it turns out, Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland’s question to wide receiver Dez Bryant has some basis. His mother, Angela Bryant, was, in fact, a drug dealer and addict who was only 15 when she gave birth to him (and the father was more than twice her age–where I live, we call that statutory rape). She is also a convicted criminal, who spent 18 months in prison, in 1997-98. Because of this, Bryant was shuttled from relative to relative as a kid.”

    Truth hurts, don’t it?!

    • Gerry says:

      Bob, take a pill.

      • EA says:

        Bob, maybe everyone who has a troubled past should stay out of the job market and society all together. Who wants an athlete, teacher, lawyer, bus driver, cook, real estate agent or anyone else who has anything less than what society considers “the American dream” doing business with them or for them.

        Let’s just shuttle all those who have less than perfection in their past off to an island so the rest of society can live peaceful lives free of those low-lifes. They are bringing us down.

        Wow…you’re on to something … or maybe on something.

      • Gerry says:

        E…thanks for joining in the conversation.

  9. Kevin says:

    Bob, if your idea of backup is Little Debbie, you’re in trouble.
    She’s a poorman’s Michelle Malkin.

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